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Buyer scamming and I am not getting money

Hello. I have recently done a gig with this person and I delivered the work and then once delivered they requested a mutual cancelation and I said no because my work has been completed and delivered. Now they are spamming me with revision requested and are just calling me scammer and show proof when I already have and now it is 1 day overdue and I can not get my money since they keep requesting revisions but this is a huge gig and I can not afford to lose it so what do I do? I really just want them to hit complete so I can get my money.


So sad :face_with_thermometer: you contact fiverr support

I also suffered this type of case.

When i faced it, I contacted with our lovely Fiverr support team.

I reported him but I dont think that will get my money when you did it did you get your money or no?

I would suggest that you contact customer support and attach proofs that you completed the job (like print screens or so). That will help them to analyse the information in a better way. I hope that everything get solved soon.