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Buyer scamming by asking unlimited Revisions

I gave Buyer choice of unlimited revisions now after using my services (copying my code files) now he continuously asks for revisions without saying anything. I tried communicating but not replying to anymore. The Codes are 100%correct as requested. What should I do?

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You fell for the oldest trick in the book - never give unlimited revisions.

Most scam buyers will continually keep the order in dispute until the seller gives in and cancels.

If you believe other sellers who’ve posted in the forum previously, customer support will side with the buyer - because you have offered unlimited revisions.

You will have to try and prove to customer support that the job has been completed.


can I send them the files to verify them?

I never knew there was a way to scam on fiverr

Type ‘unlimited revisions’ into search at the top right of the page.

You will find many, many posts from sellers who regret offering unlimited revisions.

Why are you offering “unlimited revisions”? That is a quick way to be abused, as you have found out from this buyer.

Also, even if you send proof to Fiverr that you sent the work and do not want to do anymore revisions, my guess is, Fiverr will side with your buyer because you offered unlimited revisions in the first place. In Fiverr’s mind, you promised something that you now regret or do not want to follow through on. They will probably send you a note back saying that you need to find a solution with the buyer.

In the meantime, if you have unlimited revisions offered on any of your Gigs, go change that NOW. If you feel you have to offer revisions, only do 1 or 2 if that.


So there’s limited days for order completion and unlimited revisions? Hmmmm.

Yes. When you create a Gig you determine how many days it will take you to finish and deliver your work. If you offer unlimited revisions, the buyer can keep opening a revision request over and over - and has every right to do so if your Gig states you offer unlimited revisions. That is why it is NOT a good idea to offer this, no matter how new, desperate or eager you are to get an order.


I see. Well, that “unlimited” option will always draw attention.

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I bet it does. But, it draws attention from the wrong types of buyers. Those who see a new person’s Gig up with that offering tend to take advantage of the person, working them to death, and all the while, having every right to do so!

I am sure you already know better than to offer this since you have been here for awhile. :slight_smile:


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With endless edits, you can order a black job for a minimal price and get a finishing one at the exit for the same amount))

There are no limitation in revision. If you give 5 revision but the delivered file is not complete yet then buyer can ask for revision for 6,7 and so on times. So there is no limitation for revision.

If you work is not complete client has right to ask for revision. But if you work is done and client asking for something extra which isn’t in requirements then tell client that you will charge for extra work.

If client refuse to add extra charge then tell him that you’ve done the work according to the requirement and the work is done. So keep delivering the work.

If you’ve done anything in client’s system then make a screen record before the dispute so you can show fiverr customer support that you’ve done the work according to the requirements. So if client contact fiverr customer support and cancel the order then you can contact with the proof and get the compensation.

Once I also such kind of bad experience but fiverr customer support is so much flexible if you have proofs.

Regards :slightly_smiling_face:

First off, you should NEVER send an incomplete order. That is a fast way to get your account banned.

There ARE limitations for revisions - if you do not offer revisions (I don’t offer them) or only offer 1 or 2, that is all you are bound to. If you let another revision slip through or 10 more, that is on YOU.


thanks. i also have offered unlimited revision
 now i have to change that.