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Buyer Schamming There

I am Primon new here. In fiverr I completed 61 orders and got 41 reviews. I got level One Seller badge. For personal technical problem I miss delivery time. I see my delivery on time ratio decrase. After getting results of my promotion service some buyer cancelling their order. They say they didn’t got the result but I see they already got. When I am going to resolution center than all of the options in the side of buyer. Not even a single option for seller. After getting results some buyer cancelling their order for refund which decrase my order completion ratio. It’s not the fact of money they toke service and they using this but they are scamming with me. Now what can I do against them. All the actions in the side of buyer. Which buyer say fiverr toke its as right . If they scamming with us it also right.

Now what can I do to incrase my " Delivery On Time" ratio? Is it reset-able for fiverr or I have to do something to incrase this ratio? If this incraseable by me please answer me how can I incrase my delivery on time ratio.


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congratulations. wish you good luck :slight_smile:

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do you know solution about this?

Just deliver more orders on time so that the percentage of orders in the last 60 days that are delivered on time increases.

edit: The evaluation only requires the on time % to be >=90%.


Your topic heading bears no relevance to your post on how to increase delivery time.

Check this out:

Edit: Now you have changed it from delivery time to something else.

You need to make a separate topic for each subject you wish to discuss.


actually i wanted to describe this issue to decrase both ratio.