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Buyer seems disappeared?


So, I delivered on time a work, just an hour prior to deadline.
Buyer came two days later and asked for revisions, but they actually didn’t ask for revisions, they just clicked on it to have more days to check before work was marked completed. Now it’s been another three days since then and I haven’t heard from them… Any suggestions? :confused:


If the delivery meets the order, then just redeliver the order.

Hi Denvercreations,

Yes, as Imagination7413 says, Just redeliver the same product again if you have made no changes to it. I presume the buyer had messaged you to say they were not asking for revisions but just needed a few extra days–or did you just guess that was the case since the buyer said nothing when they clicked for ‘request revisions’?

In any case, if the buyer has not notified you of specific revisions, you can do nothing other than redeliver it. You could add a note saying, ‘Please note I am redelivering the file as sent on (previous date) and I have made no changes to it. If I misunderstood, and you do want changes to the file, please could you message me and let me know what changes you would like, so that I can make them?’

If you do not get a note of changes, the order should auto complete 3 days from your redelivery of the same unchanged file.