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Buyer seems to be living in another dimension


I’ll make this quick. A buyer ordered two transcription gigs, then gave me an excellent review when I delivered the first.

I began working on the second, when all of a sudden he messaged me, annoyed that the first file had so many errors. I apologized, asked where the errors were. He told me. I looked at the file I sent him. No such errors existed. He claimed I spelled things wrong when I clearly didn’t. When I pointed this out, he then claimed to have already corrected the errors, except that wouldn’t have changed the errors in the original file which I still had.

But the best part, as horrible I was, bless his heart, he was willing to take the second transcription, but wanted a full refund. I refused. I had already completed the first order. He could, however, have a refund on the second. (I could smell the spiteful review coming from a mile away).

He will, apparently, be contacting Fiverr about this.

If you happen to read this, sir, good luck with that.


He’s a Jerk :chicken:


If only this was the only kind of jerk I had to deal with. :poultry_leg:


I feel bad this happened to you. I hope you find a way to deal with him so that things work out well.


Thanks. It was a small job, so thankfully all I stand to lose is 15 minutes of my time and $5, but as long as I never hear from him again I’ll consider it a win.


Did they live in another country by chance? That’s it sounds like to me.

Either way, if that happens. I’d ask them to highlight a word or two that they claim is spelled wrong and send me a screenshot––this way you know exactly what words they see as errors and can work to resolve them. :wink:


Now you sound like CS…


Aha! I knew I smelled a jerk.

Jerk :poultry_leg:, of course.

Yummy and plantains, too. :yum:

OP~ He tried to pull a fast one. Keep us updated!


Maybe send the 2nd one as a PDF.


Fiverr only has to look at your original delivery to see he’s full of shit. You should contest CS on your own behalf with screenshots etc. if you haven’t already. I’d especially ham up the scent of manipulation and threats implied by the bizarroworld refund and onto the next gig stuff.

@miila, the original delivery cannot be “changed” by the buyer, so it’s very easy to open that and check it vs. the seller’s claims that the errors had “already been checked.” Unless this buyer is a l33t h4X0r who can change the delivery file, then he’s just shot himself in the foot, brain and crow jewels. I can tell he shot himself in the brain, as nobody who hates work done by someone wants a second round.

QED: shit buyer.


Yes, but I think PDF might keep the buyer from trying that sh*t in the first place = time saved.
Though, well, yeah, probably not, he´d find some other way to be a bad buyer.


I wonder if only sending PDF files, and having a gig extra for an editable file would work. ($5, say). Hmmmmm.


I´d say it´s similar to offering an image as a png only and a PS file as an extra. If you´d state clearly in your gig that the default is PDF and editable file is a to be paid for extra, why not. If it would work… would depend on what your competition does or if someone wants you to do the job I guess. And of course on what the buyer wants to do with the text.
But if it´s unusual for what you sell, and as many people don´t read the gig description, FAQ etc. better be prepared for a lot of outrage.


UPDATE: I got a new message from this guy this morning:

'I noticed today that all of your work was correct. I think it was an issue somehwere maybe your 1st draft or transferring it to youtube? Not sure but there was grammar errors etc but today its fine?

So is it possible to pull back the ticket and complete the 2nd video?’

I don’t know if he’s being honest or if he’s just trying to leave a bad review. What do I even do in this situation? I’m at a loss.


Ask him how serious he is, that you are no longer so certain as to how your business together will turn out (politely, of course). But, be strong enough to tell him not to pull such bs again if you are going to work together. Make your terms clear - offer, revision policy, and cancellation policy (or lack, thereof) - and tell him he’d have to work with those terms.

I believe it’s much better if you take this as an opportunity to seize control of your dealings, without offending his sensibilities.