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Buyer seller and can know!

I decide to share my working experience in logo design. Its I think help to buyer and seller.

A good logo have
1) be simple
2) Complement the company Name
3) Looks good in black and white
4) Be scalable
5) Be original

You can share your experience!


Thank you for your command. :+1:


:one: Be unique.
:two: Be cool like a :cucumber: cucumber.
:three: Be a master Jedi (think Yoda)
:four: Be knowledgeable like discobot.


:five: Be smart like…of course me, who else… :no_good_woman:




These tips are awesome. You should try these with your customers as well:

  1. Compliment your customer’s belt. They love that.
  2. Don’t just offer sugar - offer a sugar substitute as well.
  3. Don’t ask, “Is that a baby in your tummy or are you just happy to see me?” They will totally cancel the gig.
  4. If you love something - set it free- if it comes back, ask if they’d like to purchase extras

Hope these help.

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I can vouch for number 3. I hate it when that happens to me. I cancel all of my gigs for this reason alone.

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Yes…but there are special moment’s, when the stars shine brightest, that not only is the client pregnant… they’re also happy to see you. I figure, one out of ten thousand ain’t that bad.

The best logos frequently convey on more than one level.
Take the Amazon logo for instance. You have the site address, clearly. Be that as it may, the logo likewise imparts the broadness of their item stock through the bolt – they have everything from start to finish. The bend of the bolt likewise frames a grin, proposing that your experience as a client will be sure. The bolt is a typical image for transportation. You see it in FedEx’s logo on the off chance that you take a gander at the negative space in the middle of the “E” and “X.”.

Back to the Amazon logo. Their logo passes on a couple of positive characteristics of their picture, all in an ostensibly essential and drawing in game plan.

Various diverse logos do a comparative thing, with fluctuating degrees of achievement. Here are a few more cases which I’m including at Mike Jackson’s inquire.

The middle letters in the Tostitos logo exhibit two people sharing a chip over a bowl of red salsa. I’m mortified to yield that I never observed the symbolism until the point when the moment that it was demonstrated out me.

Baskin Robbins is known for their 31 flavors. Notice the 31 in pink.

In this one, we have a golfer and an Austere warrior consolidated.

The Bronx Zoo logo demonstrates the New York City horizon.
Also, another from the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Please stop copying stuff from other websites and claiming it as your own! :slightly_frowning_face:


not a copy paste offlinehelpers

Google translate, then pasted.

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I don’t know why you say this but I wrote it by myself

Pay attention to number 9.

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