Buyer-Seller Courtesy


Courtesy is always warranted, when undertaking a job. So, if as seller Fragglesrock this is how you operate with customers your time as a novice designer, will come to an end shorter than you anticipate. I don’t usually have the the time to write anyone. However, your practice is very unprofessional, especially as no common courtesy was given whatsoever. Furthermore, your layout was poor. Our designers here are far more superior to your novice capabilities. I wish you well. I am recommending strongly to fiverr reduce your status as level unrated or zero. Maybe buyers are accepting substandard behavior as the price is cheap. I always say no matter the cost. The same time you take to do it wrong it’s same time you can take do it right.

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The forum really isn’t the place to get a single seller or Fiverr’s attention. As Fiverr will likely tell you if you contacted them about this issue, you should communicate with the seller and use the resources provided to you on the order page to settle disputes or, otherwise, to get a refund.