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Buyer-Seller Etiquette

Hello. I am a first time seller and I received my first inquiry through my inbox. The buyer sent what they need done through the inbox and I realized I’m not sure what the process/etiquette is. Do I send an order to him so that it shows under my jobs? Or do I ask him to make a request/pay first. Would love to get some advice on what the etiquette is so I don’t look like a total newbie!

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Hey. There’s no real set way to go about this. You can ask them for their needs and if you’ll have mutually discussed that you can do the job and they want to hire you, you can create a custom order and tell them that you can begin working on their requirements as soon as they order the gig! If you’re still concerned about it, you could make sure that they have the intent to hire you first and aren’t just making a random inquiry before you send an offer. Good luck!

Never start work without an order.

Here are some articles that might help you going forward:


Give the buyer a quote, tell them what kind of turnaround time to expect, and tell them to message you for a custom offer if your quote is acceptable.

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Thanks for your response! This is super helpful.

Great to know, thank you so much and thanks for the resources!

Awesome, thanks so much for the concise response!