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BUYER send me a zoom link

BUYER send me a zoom link for a meeting because i have to show him some problem how to solve and i have already did it will there be a problem ?


You will get a warning or a ban if you are discovered. Communication outside of Fiverr is not allowed. Please read Fiverr’s Terms of Service. If you did, you wouldn’t even have this question.


Yes Of course there will be a problem as it is against the Fiverr TOS to communicate with buyer outside of Fiverr.
Well if it is too much necessary then You should first contact support.


got it but the buyer himself is a level-2 seller and said if buyer send the zoom link or wants to contact that will not be a problem

Being a high-level seller doesn’t mean that he knows what he is talking about. Do not listen to him.

Read the Terms of Service, please.


You can record it and send the video on how to fix whatever error it is or if it’s possible try to fix it yourself from your PC. Sometimes, contact outside Fiverr is allowed when it’s extremely necessary, but this isn’t one of those situations.