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Buyer send me bad review after 12 days

My order was complete after 12 days and buyer come back yesterday and send me bad review i was design great work he blackmail me to design another company logo to change the rating i was design but he don’t change the rating
Please help me what i do

I think you’ve provided him with a logo that is not originally made by you, perhaps you’ve taken the image from the internet and just edited out some areas.

I see one of the logos in your reviews and it looks really similar to this one.

There’s also these logos: (top left, close the annoying pop-up)

It rather calls into question your other logo designs–especially as you say that YOU will design them, rather than go logo browsing and pick something that looks pretty good then swap out some text.

Your customer is probably right to be angry, but the fact he’s trying to wheedle another logo free out of you makes me wonder.

There is also the fact that Justin Bartha appears on be on here designing (allegedly) Logos…and goes by the pseudonym of haroonnaeem. Time to contact TMZ…If you are going to start with a fake profile picture buyers will not trust you and will wonder what else is fake.