Buyer Send Me Malcious File!


Buyer want 3d service send me file with virus.

what should id do?


Cancel the order and report the buyer to CS.


Today a buyer want to trick me by sending me a virus file what i have done to him. I said to him that i have studied your document in detail and i will do your work $1500 and in 1 day lolx he than never replied :smile:


Go to the Doctor and get a vaccine :syringe:


thanks alot,
should do that


Hope you reported him as well :wink:


i have evidence that file is malcious,
file scanned and more than that he doesn’t reply to me after he sent this file.

what should i say to CS?


Show them the evidence, tell them what you said here and that’s all.

This is more so it won’t happen to anyone else, there might be new sellers receiving this type of message, they don’t know about the scam and they fall into their trap.


hhahaha yeah i reported him as well :grin:


You could try receiving files inside of a virtual machine next time so that in case it’s a virus the virus can’t get out into your main system or perhaps use Linux OS unless your job really needs a Windows OS.


how did u technically understand that he sent u a file with virus?


By his communication and the file type he sent .exe / Executable files are probably virus, torjan horse, or keyloggers which can put you in danger if you dont have updated antivirus.


ok thankx 20 characters