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Buyer send me payment two times in same order but I receive one time

I receive order one of my indian buyer $5 when I delevir order he send me $5 more for extra work in same order for same type of work and I receive it and that amount was showing 14 days in my account for clearence but when I reached to get clearence after 14 days I receive just one time payment $4 and I don’t know about rest of my $4 I contact to CS but they could not understand my point may I know why this happen even now I could not see that rest payment in pending clearence page listing please guide me how it is possible ??

Have you tried to contact CS?

Yes I have tried but can not get back money and any satisfucation from them

What did they say? The CS is the ones that should help here, unlikely you’ll find an answer for this issue on the forum.

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They(CS) said my client made only one time payment.
Now I could not ask any other question to them