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Buyer send pdf to send requirements

I am a new seller on Fiverr. This is my second buyer. He sent a pdf to list all the requirements for me to write the article. Im apprehensive on opening the file. The profile of this buyer is that he joined last month, no other info. Is this a usual thing, for a buyer to send a pdf of requirements instead of filling out the questions I have on my gig?


It would be common enough.

Generally speaking PDFs can be pretty safe and are a preferred method for sending files (better than Word etc). Forms are a bit of a PITA and while you should have one to show exactly what you need/expect to do the right job, be prepared to be a bit flexible on how the info comes over. So long as info comes over well organized and in good order, you are lucky.

However, I would assume that you have some sort of AntiVirus that can scan his document before opening.


Yes, it’s been my experience people attach PDF’s with there request. Sometimes there’s reference images and text contained in the PDF


Ok Thanks! Much appreciated. I have already had a weird experience that seemed like a scam, so I just needed to ask experienced sellers their opinion. Thank you!

If you get messages from people asking you to open an account for them on here or up work …saying they will pay you like 150$ per week. That’s probably a scam


I have experienced at least two people trying to scam me so far. It’s a bit disheartening. Makes me wonder if Fiverr is worth it…Im trying to be extra cautious I guess.

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You won’t continue to get those messages. They target people who have just signed up, sellers who are looking for there first orders. I have not gotten any messages like that in a long time.

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