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Buyer send revision without requirement


I have delivered order before 2 days . Now there are 8 hours to get auto complete. In this stage I get massage from buyer that he need some correction and tel within a few hours he will give requirement. I am waiting more then hour. But no response. please help me what can I do? In order sheet shows red color LATE


I’d probably just message them, if it’s getting close, I’d just mark it as complete, and whenever the buyer is ready, they can submit another revision. The best way would be to contact support, but they usually take around 24 hours to respond.
EDIT: Many buyers could become very angry, do this at your own risk. Although I haven’t had any issues with it.


I have done 2 revisions before for last revision I have done 2 option but i send 1 . Now can I send another one as review ?


Are you talking about a CS ticket?


I don’t understand CSticket


Fiverr Customer Support


I will talk after one hour.


Hi, this order was marks as finish by 3 days. Now 3 days completed. But order is not finishing. Before 1 hour I have send last revision . What will be for this order.


As I know, after placeing a revision form the buyer and delivery the revision form seller it took 72 hours to mark as auto compleate, (just start form the last delivery time). If the buyer place several revision, the time will count each time at the last delivery. It don’t count form your first delivery time. If the buyer says, he needs revision again. most of time we (seller) have nothing to do.
Red ## LATE## is not a big issue.
If the buyer want to cancle the order, you know better then me and also if the buyer keep a low/bad review, you also know better then me. So handle it with patient if it took more time. A good review will be the best achievement after all.


If you deliver your project before Deadline then it is ok. Buyer can send you revision request anytime. I know you are tensed because counting watch shows LATE. No problem. It does not effect your gig rank. Thank you.


Thanks for Valuable information. For me this is first experience. I am ready to do revision But problem is buyer send for revision without requirement. I have inform CS and also send redesign as revision. I don’t this is ok or not. Thanks .


Thanks for information My problem is buyer ask for revision without requirement.


Thanks to you also.
Ask the buyer with very carefully that what he want to in revision? Some time some of new buyer or irregular buyers want to send some of sample to attach, but unfortunately they don’t know how to attach properly or zip. As a result they know that they send the requairment but we don’t get it.
So, my opinion is aske the buyer with carefully that what he want for the new revision. He must be answer. Or if not, send the last version with little modify and wait for his replay.


Yes, I am always soft with buyer. After 27 hours I get requirement. This is an new experience. I am looking for future. Thanks