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Buyer Sent Me A Cancellation Request

hi everyone,

please help me, today one of cheap buyer sent me a order cancellation request. what should i do? i don’t want any negative review on my profile. should i accept it or not? or i need to send cancellation request from my side? i hope you can understand my problems.

thank you

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We all have this problems.

You will have to decide what will be the best outcome for you.
You might stand you ground and get your earned money but end up with a bad review or cancel and take a hit of your order completion ratio and might not be able to send buyer requests, loose level status, get less inquiries etc)

So it’s totally your choice which way you want to take.

Let us know what you prefer and we’ll advice you how to act in that case.

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hi @mariashtelle1 thanks for advice. it’s a $10 order and i don’t want that money. i just want to cancel it without any negative rating.

Try to give your client a free consultancy then see what happen.

Unfortunately you can not cancel it without any negative effect on your account.

You can definitely accept the cancellation. Don’t worry, your buyer wouldn’t be able to leave any review as they are cancelling the order. However it will affect your statistics.

Buyers can leave a review only if they accept a delivery and mark order as complete.
I would also suggest to read fiver TOS and help page to learn how fiverr works.


and what if i decline it? :sweat_smile:

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@mariashtelle1 tell me please

Are you serious? I just gave you 2 options and you said you want to cancel it.

You can not have a cake and eat it too.
If you just decline it most likely your client will send you another cancellation or will go to CS to ask them to cancel. If you are planning to decline the request it means that you want to complete the order and get a review from a client (which might a bad review)

Make your mind of what you want. It’s quite obvious what will happen if you decline it.

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i just asking that. finally i want to cancel it.

thank you so much for important information.