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Buyer sent me an hot video

in my first months of Fiverr i am finding only strange buyers. Today a buyer sent me an hot video where a person speaks( franco trentalance, a famous italian porn actor) that speaks about ****** *****. I don’ t think that it is normal transcribe these types of contents.Is this content illegal for Fiverr? What i have to do?

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Hi @marco_201

I am sorry for you finding strange buyers, but in a marketplace, I am sure you have to come across all sort of customers, so I am confident that you will get through this and obviously you will have learnt significant lessons.

Answering the question.
It is against Fiverr to do adult content materials but on the other hand can you handle it? You know apart from it being illegal here in Fiverr, is it illegal to you personally. Moreover, the fact that you are calling it a hot video, it shows it is not a typical video to you.


  1. Indicate on your gig description that you do not handle adult content.
  2. You can go to the resolution centre and cancel the order if it is against your core values.

I wish you all the best :blush:


You are right, it’s not a normal video for me.
i have another question: if i write him that i don’t want to transcribe his file, he, then, can cancel the order but how can i refund him? Because he has already paid 15 dollars.

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It is very simple. Go to your dashboard, click in the particular order, and you will see something like this:

When you click it, you will resolve all your problems, and the money will be refunded automatically.

ok, but if i do this, my order completed percentage don’t decrease? Really don’t happen anything bad for me and for the buyer if i click there?

Where on earth did you find that it is AGAINST Fiverr’s TOS to do adult materials?

Please do not provide incorrect information, without concrete knowledge of Fiverr’s TOS.

Three bad things will happen to you

  1. You will not earn that cash
  2. You will lose a customer
  3. Your gig rating on the Fiverr platform will decrease

One good thing will happen to you

  1. You will protect your integrity.
  • The decision is up to you. All the best as you make the best decision ever.

ok, i understood. thanks again

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Hello @djgodknows

Welcome to the conversion.
I happened to read this from the Fiverr’s TOS

So, I guess if Fiverr can remove adult oriented gigs why in the first place accept to offer such a service.

“Adult Oriented Services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene”

These infer to you as a seller NOT offering to SELL and MAKE profit via distribution of 18+ content.

However, if your service is requested by a Buyer to perform some modification to an already created content (discreetly) there is absolutely no issue in that.

Buyer has a nude photograph of a significant other or anyone else for that matter, if the buyer would like some touch up or effects or any sort of modification done to it and asks a SELLER who provides PHOTOSHOP services, then it is absolutely O.K.

There are writers that provide EROTIC stories, how are they able to do that as well?

Like the OP posted, that his buyer wanted him to transcribe a video but the speaker may have been a Adult Actress, it would be at the discretion of the seller to provide that service to him.

This is well within the TOS of Fiverr.

Hope you understand this.

Please go through my responses to make a well educated decision Marco.

You can provide service to content that may be Adult in nature but provide discretion with it (that is not include it in your “Live Portfolio”) would be the optimal thing to do.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


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Not really, but I totally agree with you. I had not viewed it that way; my view was more of integrity and that’s what I was giving my advice on.