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Buyer sent me the requirements in handwritten notes

Totally random but I’m just working through an order where the buyer has sent me the requirements as handwritten notes -_-

It’s taking me twice as long as I’m having to sift through hundreds of messy disorganized doodles and decode them into something professional. They are Russian so I can barley read the writing. They have taken the photos of the notes on their phone so I need to zoom in and squint to read.

I’m a writer, so normally paste the requirements into the word doc I’m working from and work through each piece of info. I can’t with this I need to look back at multiple notes like every sentence to grasp the concept. Extra frustrating.

Why would you do this haha.


I would’ve charge them extra for that :wink:

They never notified me that they were going to do this. It was the last thing I expected when opening the order haha.

I still would’ve sent them extra or asked them to attach the word document and send them a time extension


Honestly, I’m just utterly terrified of cancellations and extensions since this last update. I didn’t want them to reject paying extra and cancelling the order.