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Buyer sent NDA and started order, without order information

Hi All,

So here’s a weird one. A buyer has started and order, but sent nothing but an NDA, stating that they can’t give me the script until the NDA has been signed and returned.

The NDA has a company name on it, but the date is incorrect and there is no company name, address or contact details in the relevant fields. Also there is no name of a company representative. So my issue is, anyone could have taken a legitimate company name, slapped it on an NDA and sent it. For me to sign it, I’d have to divulge all my information and I’m not really comfortable with that at all.

Never have I been asked to sign an NDA without knowing what the gig is first.

Are there any Fiverr rules regarding this?

Any help would be appreciated.

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You need permission from Customer Support to sign NDAs, otherwise you’re giving your personal contact information and violating the rules.

If it happened to me, I’d send screenshots to CS and ask them for help.

EDIT: Perhaps you can message the buyer and tell them that you can’t sign the NDA because that would mean breaking the rules, but that you always keep everything confidential anyway, without putting it in a written document?


Well that is a bit strange but I have gotten requests to sign a NDA before. Typically though the client would discuss with me first before making an order. I am not sure what to tell you to do at this point. When working on other platforms I have no issue signing one but here on fiverr I just decline those jobs.

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If I were you, I would be VERY careful. I never accept NDA’s on Fiverr. I decided to give it a go with a Florida SEO business last year but the agreement basically read: “If we decide not to pay pay you, we can use your work and you can’t complain.”

As the most basic rule in the world, no reasonable person will ever do what your buyer had done if they are not out to scam you.

A legitimate business will not send an NDA without saying “Hello, can you do…”

Cancel this, request the buyer not to contact you again, and move on.


Huge red flags! Cancel the order and move on as Andy said.

They should have discussed the order with you first, and not sent a blank form to you to sign. I would be interested in seeing the form they sent you out of curiosity if you want to send it to me.

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Cancel it, Cancel IT NOW!
Way too many red flags. Support isn’t gonna be much help in this case.


Thanks all. I’ve sent a copy of the NDA to cS for their response. I’ve looked up he comps ymentioned on the header part and it is a legitimate company, but anyone you slap whatever info they wanted on headed paper.

Definite red flags for me.

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