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Buyer sent order requirements in inbox after many days

Hello! I am creating this new post as i couldn’t find an answer here. My buyer gave me an order few days back without filling the requirements. I reminded him and he told me that he will send it tomorrow. 2 days later, i reminded him again and he sent the details in inbox. What should I do now? as i don’t want to nudge him again and again but the order has not started yet and i don’t know what will happen if i press “i have everything i need button” now as the deadline must be almost over. Thank you!

If you have his requirements in the inbox put in the order chat a copy of any attachments and the message they sent. Then hit the I have all I need button. That was you can get on with the order.


Thank you for your fast reply. One last thing. Will the timer start from the beginning if i will press i have everything i need button? or will it start from the time that is left according to the date of order placed?

It starts from when you have everything you need. Not from when the buyer places the order.

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Great to know. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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