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Buyer share his email

Hello, greetings to all, If a buyer share his email then what should I do ?


Say it’s against terms of service to share e-mails, and then ignore it.


Is it a problem If I don’t reply him or report to fiverr.

Just say it’s against TOS and leave it

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Don’t report him or anything because then you’re going to lose a potential buyer


Some buyers don’t know how Fiverr works, so I wouldn’t immediately report or block them. Plus, you need to reply at least once so your response rate doesn’t go down.

But, if they keep pressing the issue, definitely report/block them.

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Try to understand the buyer and Try to complete all conversation in fiverr.

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Thanks everyone. I got my answer :slight_smile:

…and could get a warning as well.

What would he get a warning for?

CS is just sometimes unpredictable and they could do crazy things. They could think that Seller requested for Buyer’s personal details. Just saying that it’s a possibility that it could happen.