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Buyer shares his number

Hi, can anybody plz tell me what should i do a buyer shared his WhatsApp number and asked me to contact him. Now am scared tht it would affect my account. Though i had a chat with him in the chat box but after we were done talking i closed the fiverr app but then I received a notification and saw the number but had not opened the chat. I immediately blocked him. Pls guide me


Don’t contact him through WhatsApp (I’m sure you already know this)

First, let the buyer know that what they’re doing is against the rules, because sometimes if they’re brand new, they don’t know the rules.

Then, report their message.

And then, block them (which you’ve already done).

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If you blocked without reporting, then unblock just so that you can report.

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Do i really need to report him? I mean is blocking him without reporting not gonna work?

Yep, you need to report him! If you just block him, Fiverr won’t get notified about it.

However, if you report their message, Fiverr can actually look at the message and determine if any actions needs to be taken.