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Buyer Should Have Maximum 30 days to leave a review


Hi, Hope that you all are Fine.

I think there should be fix number of days in which the buyer can came back to you to write a review

I’m talking about those orders which automatically marked as completed and after that the Buyer can come back any time and can leave a feedback.

Mostly the buyers come back after a long time and ask for revisions and We have no other option except to do the revision because if we don’t do so he’ll diffidently leave a Negative review

I want to get suggestion from all you that How many days there should be in which the buyer can Give a feedback.

Once I have a Bad experience. A buyer contact me almost after a month and than ask me to do revisions and when I refuse to do changes than he clearly sated “Make the changes without any extra. If not than I’m going to leave one star review.”

So, there should be some fix days in which the Buyer can give review and after fix days buyer can give review on sellers permission.

What you all think about it? Share your such experience and your suggestions.


Buyers already have a maximum of 30 days in which to leave feedback.

Once an order is marked as Delivered or Completed, you can provide feedback on your order. Feedback can be provided up to 30 days after the last delivery of the order. Adding feedback will automatically complete your order.

Taken from here:


Yes, indeed I have.

Your thread title is ‘Buyer Should Have Maximum 30 days to leave a review’. You then went onto explain why buyers should have a limited time (e.g. 30 days) in which to leave a review.

I then gave you the information about how long buyers (not sellers) have in which to leave a review which is 30 days.

I haven’t mentioned sellers leaving feedback at all - you’ll notice the link I provided was indeed for buyers.

Can’t see a problem. :sunny:


Once you have delievred an order, a buyer has three days to accept it or request changes. After three days, the order is automatically closed. At that point, the buyer can’t “formally” request revisions on your order. I would suggest any sellers facing the same situation as you contact CS. Oh, and also look at the number of revisions you say you will offer in your gig description.


If we contact CS than they said that they can’t do anything in this case.


I have an experience with my regular buyer which was from U.K. He came back after 2 months nearly and gave a 5-star review. Then asked me to do more projects for him.

Here I think, we can discuss “within how many days a buyer can ask to do revisions”. Because Revision and Review create a problem by only a few buyers.


Have you read that @offlinehelpers there is no time limit. Buyer can come back any time to give review.


Yes Right. That’s why I’m asking that there must some fix time for buyer to give feedback


I think it is interesting that you are asking for a way to stop people asking for more revisions even though your gigs offer “Unlimited Revisions”. I think you might find that if you refuse to revise even after the 30 days then CS might agree with a buyer who complains that you are refusing to do what you said you would do.

If you want to stop people making unreasonable requests then stop giving them unreasonable offers.

PS. Could the deleting of comments on the thread please stop - it is disruptive to discussion


There is a time limit, as described (again) in this link.

@eoinfinnegan - apologies for the deletions - I got fed up of repeating what’s already been said. :wink:


But the order is completed and when he ask for revision after 30 days then I don’t have the editable files to make his required changes.
Yes, I offer unlimited revisions and I do unlimited revisions but no revision after the order is completed. I keep the editable files for 15 days after the order is mark as completed and than I delete them.


Yes, you are Right. There is time limit of 30 days. But it is not working. It also happen to me a buyer came back more than 2 months after last delivery and leave a 5-star.

Are you sure he gave 5 star after 2 months?@yesminrashada


that is the fiverr rules bro.i think that is fair for sellers and buyers.


Yes, 100% sure. I worked with him for a long time Article writing project (around $340) :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you should make that clear in your gig description and probably say it with your delivery then as unlimited can mean so many different things. To me, it should finish when the order is completed but I remember a forum post where someone was doing revisions even months later and when they went to CS they said “but you offer unlimited revisions”.
Sounds crazy/stupid but you need to clarify exactly what you offer to save yourself from this type of thing.


Unlimited revision does not mean that Anyone can come back after months and months and ask to modified order. We don’t have hard disk space in Petabytes to save Projects and files of all the orders…:grinning:

Anyway, Thanks for your suggestion. Now I’ll clearly say in delivery that revision can only be requested within only 3 days (Before the order completed)


How about, instead, you just list the maximum amount of revisions you will do in your gig packages, and then stick to that number of revisions.


The maximum number of revisions that I do in Gig Packages are unlimited.

If someone order you for logo design. And you deliver it on time and after that you don’t get any response for a couple of month. After 2 months the buyer come back to you ask you to change the color or font. Will you make the changes?


There’s your problem. Don’t offer unlimited revisions.

Absolutely not. Because I don’t offer unlimited revisions, and I do not do work on orders that have already been marked as complete by the Fiverr system. You shouldn’t either.

My advice:

  • Learn common sense. It will serve you well as a Fiverr seller.
  • Stick to the terms of your service. If you do so, buyers cannot take advantage of you.
  • Find logic. It will keep you from taking advantage of yourself.


That is my Point. and you offer 1 revision

What if he leave one star review after this? You will definitely accept the one star review instead of doing free revision. That’s the main reason of this thread There must be maximum 30 days in which the buyer can rate your service after it delivered

And thanks for your Advice.