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Buyer shown his/her rating


I have just noticed it in inbox message that a rating is shown next to the message sent by the buyer.

this is quite an old message and I just happen to notice it now.

I am sure that the buyer is not a seller or have been a seller earlier as I have conferment with other messages that I get from other sellers about there gig.

Anyone have any idea what it man or what it is suppose to mean


Please edit your image so the username doesn’t show - thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


how do it do that can’t find the edit button


You’ll need to delete your image, edit it on your PC, and then re-upload it.


done but do you have any idea what this rating was representing


:cool: :sunglasses:

Maybe 5r has finally decided to display, at least the rating %, of buyers to sellers. Well, it’s something vs nothing.

If so, new buyers won’t have any %.


Thank you!

I have no idea - if you hover your mouse over it does it give you any info?


no nothing, it just take me to the buyer page which is like others and no review of stars meaning that the buyer was not a seller earlier.


I checked it myself with some of my buyers, and I could see that rating only on buyers who are sellers, or who were sellers at one point in time - which I bet this is the case with your buyer - he/she may have been a seller once, closed all their gigs, and the rating naturally remained :wink:

A buyer can be a seller and have sales with no reviews :wink: If his/her own buyers didn’t leave any reviews, those still count as sales, and still are (or was) a seller.


A seller can also delete gigs, not only pause them, and they will be removed from their profile :slight_smile:

So yes, I’m certain it was a seller who simply suspended or even deleted their gigs :wink:


so you recon seller suspended the gigs and came asking for free samples


You can see from the screenshot that the buyer has been a seller in the past - level 2 and how many reviews etc.


second screen shot is not of the same person.


That explains it!


The second screenshot is that of a seller who had reviews and also deleted their gigs.

The buyer you mentioned first can be a seller who had sales with no reviews.

Anyway, I just explained how the rating feature works on the Inbox page, and cases when buyers are sellers that’s all :slight_smile:


That can also be a profile of a seller who had sales but no reviews, and who also deleted their gigs :slight_smile:


yeah could be the case


I dunno, woofy, I think there is a chance that 5r will start to display seller’s review on buyer’s page. This could be an experiment! :wink:


quite an old experiment as the message is nearly 7 months old


That would be awesomeness :heart_eyes: I think :thinking:

There’s also the risk of seeing a buyer with 1 star from whom everyone will likely stay away, who may have simply left a 4.5 star review on a seller who got angry and left a 1 star because they didn’t get 5 stars. My head, oh my…