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Buyer shows no movement

a client placed and order 21 March, 2018 but didn’t submit the instructions to start the order. I have sent him multiple reminders but no response. I saw him online for so many times but he never replied to my messages and the order is just there in my list waiting to be started, lol
what should i do?

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There is nothing you can do. Just let it sit. I have heard here on the Forum of buyers coming back after one year to order. :roll_eyes: However, if you report the order to CS they could cancel it and that will affect your stats. :wink:


I have someone since October 01, 2016.
Tomorrow will be the 2nd anniversary :joy::joy::grin:


do report then see what fiverr do :slight_smile:

Mine go back to 2013.


My Oldest = May 31, 2017 lol i dont think its unheard of on the forums, people have come back after years to finish a job

No, no, no! She should not! It will affect her stats in a bad way. :scream: