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Buyer side experience: Trash delivered in 24 hours, forced to rate high, then designer disappeared

The first Fiverr buying experience is completely unacceptable. I am starting a paypal case to get my money back!

The service is advertised to be 24 hours unlimited revision. In 24 hours I received three designs, two are complete garbage, one is good but in small png only. I was forced to accept this order because if I do not do it the designer’s rate will drop. What does that even mean? Then promised to finished the work after I provided opinions for revision, but never heard from him again.

Sounds like a complete failure at the system level for Fiverr. Your system encourages quick delivery at the last minute of the deadline, then the buyer is threatened to “accept” the order otherwise you are a “bad person”! There is no process govern the revisions. In the end, hideous designers will win and you will swim in paypal disputes! How is it a good system?

You don’t have to accept the order, you know. You could cancel and get your money back, or request a revision. Don’t let sellers shame you into thinking that you’re a “bad person” if you try to take any of those options.


So what is the procedure to request revisions? Fiverr “closed” the transaction after three days, but there has been no revision provided. Again if there is a Fiverr sytem admin over there you need to rethink the process, I picked a 5-star rated seller/provider and this is what I got? No confidence.

Also I need my money back — contact me or I am reporting this to Paypal as internet fraud.

If the seller delivers the order, you should be able to request a revision from the order page. It doesn’t just happen magically, unfortunately :slight_smile:

There’s no system admins here, unfortunately–just a bunch of buyers and sellers on the forum! Sorry to hear if you have no confidence in the system and want to report Fiverr to Paypal, but it’s not really up to us :no_mouth:

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Let me list the issues I am most uncomfortable with:

  1. Seller promised full size bitmap, vector, etc but only delivered a small tiny 10k png

  2. I did request the revision, but the seller just sends the same exact file.

It is ok if Fiverr is just a jungle, at least Paypal is reliable. I just want all the buyers especially first time buyer out there to know Fiverr is not some service you can trust. The rating is completely misleading, and service advertisement is fraudulent.

Hey, it sucks that you had this experience. Fiverr is a jungle, but not in the sense that you can’t trust any of it–just like any part of the Internet, there’s good stuff out here, and plenty of buyers have had good experiences here as well.

You could also have cancelled the order if you weren’t happy with the file you received. Just another option to keep in mind.


A fraud is a fraud. Internet frauds are still frauds. You make it sound like there is a good system for buyers to tell the good designers/sellers from the bad ones, this is not a unmoderated yahoo discussion board. We pay hard cash for a service as advertised of course Fiverr looks like a complete fraud from my side. If there are good honest designer/sellers on Fiverr

  • There is no guarantee the seller won’t go rogue at any given time.
  • The rating and review history are completely unreliable
  • The advertisement is misleading and unregulated
  • No process is in place to make the seller accountable

I am sorry to hear your first experience was a bad one.
Your mistake was to accept the order by leaving positive feedback.
I strongly encourge you to read Fiverr’s TOS where you can find a bunch of useful information for buyers.
Just a couple of things to keep in mind.
You have 3 days to request a modification before the order is being marked as complete.
You have 30 days to leave feedback.

If you would like to contact customer support you can submit a request at
They can also take the feedback off for you if you wish.
Don’t feel pressured leaving positive feedback.

It should be based on your experience and not sympathy.


I didn’t actually comment on buyers telling the good designers/sellers from the bad ones :no_mouth: There’s a system, and it works for some, doesn’t work for others (both buyers and sellers).

I’m not sure what “go rogue” alludes to–I would assume that if a seller had built up a good reputation to a certain point, they wouldn’t want to ruin it with terrible reviews.

Rating and review histories are quite subjective, as is the judging of advertisement. Of course everyone wants to make great claims, although not everyone is quite as adept at backing it up.

As annai80 has pointed out, there are plenty of ways you can hold a seller accountable, ranging from revisions to cancellations to contacting CS.

I don’t disagree that sellers can be misleading, and that it’s your freedom to seek services elsewhere if that’s what you decide is best for you. I just wanted to point out that there are more options than just accepting the order.

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I understand you are trying to remove Fivrr’s responsibility in a bad transaction. That does not solve the issue though, what value is Fivrr contributing to this process? Why do you deserve the 10% cut? With all due respect there is no way I can select good reliable designers using Fivrr system (rating, review, advertisement). When things go wrong, Fivrr plays the accomplice role instead. In my case I picked the designer recommended by Fivrr, with perfect rating and review history. I will let Paypal handle this one.

Just sharing my experience with other first time buyers. You really need credit card/paypal or some sort of fraud protection.

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Why do I have a feeling you are being ridiculously stubborn for a system you are hardly aware of. First, you didn’t read the Terms of Service. Otherwise, you’d know a scam when you see one. That ain’t Fiverr’s responsibility! Second, you still have the option of complaining to Fiverr’s Customer Support personnel whose main aim is to see that BUYERS have a great experience, and then sellers also. If you feel you have been duped, you got to lay your complaints there before heading over to PayPal - which may not even be necessary anymore.

Right now, you are only adamant about exposing Fiverr as one big scam, aka Internet fraud in chief! I’m sorry, but yours will be one small complaint to add to a big list, which eventually means nothing to my many buyers who have enjoyed quality services over the last few months, and to the many other buyers to have enjoyed this platform over the past few years. So, go on ahead and let’s see the use of that.


I am here, “Your Fiverr Experience” board, to share experience, not looking for justice. This is not my issue resolution process. Every piece of information I shared, as well as the conclusion I drew, is backed by my own experience of this particular seller and Fiverr in general.

Thanks for the info but I am not on trial either. I refuse to feel guilty just because I am the victim. Maybe the other accusations can be redirected to somewhere else.

It is not because something I did wrong, I pointed out the system problems in Fiverr and hopefully those can be fixed for your own good. If you are going to make a living on Fiverr it is time to raise these issues because from the buyer’s perspective the Fiverr experience is no good. I am pretty sure I will get my money back one way or another, and at the same time it is a big warning sign for all first time buyers.

You may be a victim of a bad seller that took advantage of you. You are not, however, a victim of Fiverr. Fiverr does not bear responsibility for the actions of a bad seller. It is up to you, as the buyer, to research and select a good seller. And it sounds like, perhaps, you didn’t really do enough of that before placing your order.

I’m sorry that this has happened to you. Hopefully, in the future, you will be more vigilant as you select the right seller to complete your project.


The point is, Fiverr is far from perfect. They do have many flaws. If you should ask anyone using this platform to point out its flaws, you wouldn’t be able to keep track of them. And these are all systemic flaws. But, Fiverr still is one of the best online service marketplaces I’ve found. Can they improve? Yes, most definitely! And with each baby step they take, they do that. Sometimes, in their bid to improve, they also take a step back and have to fix that over again. It’s business.

My point above was not to put you on trial. I simply felt you did not follow the fail-safes that Fiverr has provided. By following standard procedure, you greatly reduce the issues you have on this site.

About the failure of the review system, I can relate on that. Still, though, there isn’t a better system of evaluation than that. This explains why all online marketplaces (service or physical) make use of a form of review system. Just take your time to understand the system and it will come good. Besides, there’s plenty of info on this forum to help sift good sellers from bad.

I understand the argument that internet is a jungle you must carry your own weight. The issue I pointed here is I selected the designer recommended by Fiverr, with perfect 5 star ratings and user review history. So at least this sort of Fiverr rating does not necessarily points to a good responsible designer. Maybe these ratings and reviews were obtained through some shady operations. Or maybe he/she was good but I am unlucky since he decided to drop the ball lately.

What “research” is in place to differentiate a good honest designer with the shady ones? If rating/review/history is misleading, why have them? This is the systemetic problem I am trying to share with first time users. Thanks.

I hear what you are saying, I am thinking of leaving and returning elsewhere, this is terrrible.

I take it by your statement you purchased a “Fiverr Choice” gig?

If so, I believe 5r has responsibility to address this issue. They recommended this seller, put a label on his gig, giving buyers false sense this is a reputable seller.

If you chose this seller on your own without 5r’s recommendation, then I’m afraid the burden isn’t on 5r. This is a freelance platform, sellers are responsible for their own action.

There are good sellers and bad sellers here. If 5r recommends someone, I believe they are responsible.

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I had no problem at all finding a truly amazing, talented, fantastic designer on fiverr on my first try.

I did a search for only top rated sellers.

I saw one in Sri Lanka who has over 15,000 positive reviews and only 5 negative reviews.

He offers unlimited revisions.

He always has at least 30 buyers waiting in his queue.

I’ve used him dozens of times. His communication skills, speed of delivery, and the final product are always better than I could have hoped for and he only charges $5 or $10.

I actually hear this often from sellers. Many will literally go as far as blackmail and screaming fits if someone rates anything below a 5-star rating. I see quite a few sellers come to this forum complaining that they have a 4.8-star average rating instead of 5-star.

Most of us are not like this, but do know that anyone, and I mean anyone at all, can sign up to be a seller on this site.

That is not generally applicable. I have not seen a seller with rating 4.6 or below. Do you really believe a 4.7 rated and a 5.0 rated sellers are all that different? (I think 4.7/5.0=94% is more real world numbers and 5.0/5.0=100% is too nice to be true in some cases) Most majority reviews are positive. Unlimited revision or not does not make a difference if he delivers the first design 10 minutes before the deadline. The number of work in queue is an indication he has a lot of work to be done, which could mean his service is in high demand, or he/she does not have enough time lately. If he/she has a lot of ratings, it just means your 1 star rating will not change his/her overall rating much. If someone can con 500 perfect ratings, the same methodology can be used to produce 5,000, or 50,000 perfect ratings

If you find some seller that are nice and reliable, good for you! But it is more about your luck than your research methods. your example only strengthen my point, that Fiverr has systematic problems and the overall rating/review/job history is misleading to a buyer, to put it mildly.