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Buyer skipped order requirements

I recently got an order from a buyer but it was incomplete and the clock didn’t start, I was asked to wait for the buyer to complete his order requirements and the clock would start but he has been offline and time is not on my side, I saw an option to skip the gig requirements and I selected it and the clock has started, not sure if I can deliver the order when its incomplete or should I go ahead and deliver it when the order requirements were skipped because Iam kind of scared that am violating Fiverr TOS
I really need help here


If the buyer doesn’t submit all the requirements, that’s on them. Some sellers have orders that have been stuck like that for months.

Never start the order yourself unless they already gave you all the information you need to do the work. You aren’t violating ToS by pressing that button.

Personally what I would do is message the buyer again, and if they don’t respond within the next hour send a message to CS asking them to cancel the order for you. Make sure you explain that you can’t do the work because the buyer hasn’t responded to you, and you pressed that button by mistake. If the buyer gets back to you before CS, you could request an extension to the delivery time if it goes past the 24 hour mark.


What if you set the requirements answer set to mandatory.

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The problem here is that the seller pressed the “I have everything I need” button that appears before the buyer has submitted all of their requirements. This button only appears when you have mandatory requirements, otherwise all orders just start as soon as they are placed.

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OK :slightly_smiling_face: So then Customer Support will help.


Never do this. Learn from this mistake.

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So my only option is to…?

Cancel order if seller doesn’t reply with requirements. You will suffer lost and completion rate drop.

So are you implying that am free to deliver the work? I sent a dispute to the buyer to complete his order requirements and asked for more days but the time is going, what should I do and thanks for bringing light to this issue

Okay, thanks
I will wait for 7 more hours for a reply and who knows, maybe cancel the order

In the meantime, you may consider sensitizing the buyer a few more times that you are still keenly waiting for all mandatory information for completing the order before you finally approach CS…

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If the buyer gets back to you before CS, you could request an extension to the delivery time if it goes past the 24 hour mark.

I’m saying you should do the work if the buyer gets back to you with their requirements. I’m not saying you should do the work before they contact you though.

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That’s great, then I will proceed with the delivery

Honestly, you should have waited for all the requirements. Now, you’re reviews may possibly fall down.

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If the buyer doesn’t respond, I will ask CS to cancel the order because after all my stats won’t be affected because it wasn’t my fault

Yes, but next time, try to not click the I have all the requirements button!

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In the given scenario that the buyer is reluctant in providing all requisite information relating to the order to the seller, what should be the best course of action to safeguard the interest of a seller? I’ll appreciate your reply please…

This has been repeated several times in this thread now. I think they get the point!

Tell them “I am unable to start working on this order until you fill out the requirements section”.

If they never do it and the order countdown never starts, don’t worry about it too much. Refer to my first reply to this topic.

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The buyer has not replied yet and the order count started but I will ask CS to cancel it anyway if the buyer doesn’t respond soon.
Thanks for the advice