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Buyer sniffing at my work and telling lies

I don’t know what to do with this buyer. He claims that he has payed 20$ extra when he hasn’t, and now he keeps saying he’s not satisfied with my work and well, this:

What can I do? I don’t want to cancel the order because I will lose my money, but he refuses to accept it. I did my best and honestly I don’t know why he’s being so rude
Should I contact customer support or that will make things worse?

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Contact CS and show them proof (screenshots or relevant files) that you’ve delivered what you have promised in your gig/had promised in your offer (in case it’s a custom offer).

Other than that, you really can’t do much other than to try and work it out with your buyer.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


If you have not delivered the work then do so if it is complete. Or as an alternative you can offer to cancel the order. Those are your two choices. If you don’t want to cancel then do the job and deliver it regardless of if he likes it or not.

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A seller cannot force a buyer to accept a delivery. Try communicating with your buyer, sort out everything and that is what the CS will tell you to do.

Good Luck!!


This is true but what do we mean by “accept a delivery”? You can deliver the work, then they can refuse to accept it, but they still have to pay for the order if the job was done. So let them get the delivered work and then refuse to accept it. At least you the seller get your payment.

“Accept a delivery” does not mean it is up to them if they choose to pay for it or not.

A service was done and payment should be made for that service. If they don’t like it (accept it) then that can be worked out by the seller by either modifying the work or saying “I’m sorry you didn’t like what I did for you.”


There should be a reason as why a buyer is not accepting a delivery. A buyer is given to 2 options 1) Request a Modification 2) Mark the Order as Complete. There is no option given by fiverr to accept/reject a delivery. Its up-to the seller as how he/she would like to proceed after an official delivery of an order if the buyer raises any issues. The seller should seek a reason for rejecting the delivery and the reason should be acceptable enough to stand on the ground.

The seller should ask for a reason as why the delivery was declined. (Orders are not cancelled if a buyer likes the delivery or not, so the buyer has to come up with a strong reason which should be justifiable, else the seller should be ready for the payment for the work done.)

Right. What reason could there be? Either it did not meet the buyer’s requirements, or the buyer didn’t like it. That can be subjective, whether it met the buyer’s requirements. So either way the seller gets paid.

That is called an incomplete delivery, and the seller will receive a warning from the CS if they find that the seller delivered incomplete work. This should be avoided in every sense (advice to all sellers). A seller has to be clear on the order requirements submitted by the buyer and this is where communication plays the role. Try to communicate with your buyer before working on that very order. This is what I do !!! Understanding buyer’s expectation can be challenging sometimes but it good if a seller can sort things out in the very beginning.

Exactly true. That’s not what we are talking about. We are talking about a completed delivery, but the buyer has claimed it was not what he wanted.

If it was not what he wanted he still has to pay for it. So to say I don’t like it or it’s not what I wanted or asked for means he still pays for it, unless the seller decides to cancel the order to avoid a bad review.

The buyer does not have to accept it but he has to pay for it.

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This is what I just mentioned. Be clear from the very beginning.

A seller can’t force any buyer to be clear on what he wants. All he is required to do is complete the order as per the gig description. So sellers should be prepared for when this happens and have it already in their mind that there will be times when the buyer is unclear, and cannot give clear details of what they want, so the seller needs to deliver it to the best of their ability anyway.