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Buyer sometimes became fools


One buyer send me one order Without requirements. I sent him massage but didn’t reply, time remains couple of hour. May be, order will be late for submit. What should I do now? if buyer don’t send me requirements. He left one massage for me thats I sent you all requirements. But I am not satisfy with this… I hope he will come soon.


Not if s/he reads that you’ve described him/her as a fool on here - that really isn’t a good idea. :wink:

If the order’s started go to the resolution centre on the order page and ask for a time extension to the order.

If the buyer hasn’t submitted any requirements then the order clock won’t actually start so you’re under no time pressure.


That means you started the order and didn’t wait for the buyer to drop his/her requirements. Some people order from their devices and tend to use their PC to send the requirements. So a little patience would have saved you the cry. Good luck!


So did he send you requirements or not? It is really difficult to understand the whole story that you are trying to tell, so I’m not surprised that client also might be confused.

First you wrote that client didn’t submit requirements and after that you are writing that he did but you are not satisfied with it.

Can you please clarify the whole situation: eg did you press the button to start an order? Because buyers can not submit an empty page without requirements. Or did the buyer indeed send you requirements and you just need more info?

Please clarify that for us so we could advise you better, right now it’s a pure guessing game.


Requirement was sent but that was not for work, it’s a massage


Need more info, for work


Did you get the requirements or not? Has the order actually started?

Something relaxing for you at least. :wink: Maybe you meant message?


Anyway problem solved, but another way


Thanks everyone for help


Yes what i have got from buyer


before the order make sure you are have all the information related to the work.