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Buyer sped up the audio for my transcribing gig


I’m a pretty new seller on Fiverr and sell my stuff (translating and transcribing) cheap, and recently a level 1 transcriber bought a gig from me, I assume because they had a heavy workload. However, the audio they want me transcribe is obviously sped up and I’ve spent a ridiculous 4 hours simply editing 40 minutes of machine transcriptions provided by them. The buyer wants it in a day and there are 30 more minutes.

I’m really angry, but I know I can’t do anything about it- that was a pretty smart move. Anyone have similar stories or suggestions?

Uggh. Thanks for listening.


I would have cancelled it.


You should have cancelled the order.


No, problem. You can still deliver a late order within 24 hours without affecting your rating. Just complete the project as soon as possible and then deliver.

For the next time, be careful. Always check the profile when you get a request from a new client.


In future, cancel such an order on the basis that the speed is too fast and hard to understand.
I didn’t check your gig details but if it’s based on time, perhaps change it to the number of words and include a note that supplied recordings must be at a natural speed.
Hope that helps.


Is there any chance of slowing down the recording? If you able to share a small sample maybe I can be of help.


Sorry to hear you had/have to spend so much time on this. “Smart” isn´t exactly what I´d call this if it´s obviously sped up, though.

I´d say contact CS if you know for sure it was sped up (would be really a shame if they did that regularly to new sellers), but then again probably your buyer would say they got it like that and you can´t prove otherwise, so that probably would only lead to CS telling you to check the file when you get the order and to work it out with your customer or cancel it.

In case they try more “smart” stuff, like demanding of you to cancel after you delivered without telling you any reason or what they´d want you to revise (I got that from someone who ordered my transcription gig; their very obviously very fake profile was gone not long after that; I had paused my gig so they wouldn´t order again from that or another profile, such people usually have more than one account, and I was so miffed that I never unpaused it lol), I´d definitely tell CS the whole story. But I do hope all goes well, you can deliver and get paid and a great review - unless you don´t want to pour even more hours into this for much too little money and rather cut your losses and cancel either way.


I agree with vakart, you could put a note in your gig saying that videos/audio must not be sped up/must be normal speed. You could also maybe add a maximum number of words transcribed per gig package.

If you haven’t slowed it down to normal speed to make it easier to transcribe you could do that. I don’t know whether you’d get in trouble if you only transcribed the number of mins in the package at the normal speed - maybe and it may lead to a bad review and it may lead to issues. You could cancel but that would affect your stats and possibly your level. I’d definitely add limits to the gig/package descriptions for future orders.