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Buyer started an extra fast order but didn't provide the requested information

So this buyer just ordered my gig and filled the requirements section with useless information that’s not what is clearly requested. I replied them right after I got the order and told them what I needed so I could start and now it’s been 12 hours without any reply from them.

I don’t want to wait until the deadline comes just to find myself with a “Late” order and the possibility of getting it cancelled by the buyer with a 0 star rating . So I guess I should go to the resolution center and hit “Request Cancelation” right?, right, BUT:

I HATE the fact that cancellations affect my cancellation rate (and can have an impact on our seller level) It’s been two months since I haven’t had to cancel an order and I find it so unfair that I will spoil it again because of a buyer’s fault.

I also thought on contacting CS but they take quite sometime to respond and I’m afraid they will do it after the order is already “Late”.

Is there any other alternative I am missing here? I’d appreciate your advise.

Thanks so much in advance!

Btw my gig and packages description clearly state what I’m offering and what I will need from the buyer and this one simply didn’t read.


I think you should wait for the requirements . And after getting the requirements you can ask the buyer to increase the delivery time .
Now your wish .

Best Of Luck :grinning:


Unfortunately, you don’t have lot of options here. Best you can do is wait for a few more hours. If your client doesn’t respond, request cancellation.


I think it’s a very unpleasant fact.
you should wait for the buyer to appear or do it with the data (trash I give you).
given that the culprit whose work is delivered late is (the). for not giving the correct data.