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Buyer still asks for the delivery


I have delivered the order to the buyer within the delivery time mentioned in my gig. But two days after the delivery, the buyer is stills asking for the order. I can see my delivered files on the order page both in the Fiverr website and app. How come the buyer still asks for it?
Can anybody help?

I’ve passed for this in the past.

Some buyers doesn’t understand, or get lost in fiverr site/app.

I just deliver the files again by INBOX message


He is not a new buyer as he was asking for my point of view for the services he had obtained from Fiverr.

However, shall I go and re-send the files as the order has been delivered but is not marked as completed.
Please reply.

if it’s not marked as complete, just re-deliver your work.

At least I would do this.


Thanks @xuntes
Should I deliver it through the delivery button or the inbox?

I would deliver by the delivery button and would contact INBOX to advise the buyer that I delivered again.

If there is no file to attach, I would also explain this.

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It seems like I read about a :bug: where the deliver work button was not working properly for some sellers. :thinking:

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