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Buyer still hasn't accepted order after 2 days

So a buyer asked me to create a game for them and i sent an offer then when i finished i press the Deliver button then he said he will try it one he updates so he can view the source code, anyways now 2 days have passed and he still hasnt accepted, does that mean i wont get payed ? or what? dont i get the money when he accepts? and it has been 2 days. Sorry im new to Fiverr.

I didn’t get your problem

If buyer accepted your order and you delivered work file within the time period, buyer has 3 days to check and give any revision if need. otherwise order will automatically completed after 3 days from delivered time.

If buyer not accepted your offer, please don’t start working on that. You won’t get payment if buyer not accepted your offer.

Wait 3 days to get notification if you delivered work

Yes i delivered within the time buy the buyer hasnt said anything since then so i’ll see when i get a notifcation.

Order will automatically completed after 3 days

Yes it’s completed and The buyer gave me a review but my personal balance is still 0 but it’s complete but it says my December earnings are $20 but personal balance is still $0 how?