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Buyer Stole From Me!


Although I delivered exactly what the buyer (savvyrestaurants) wanted and the order was delivered without a problem and the buyer even left a positive rating here: I’ve just noticed the buyer cancelled the order through customer support after he got what we wanted. I opened a ticket to request my money be credited back to my account for the work I’ve done and this user be banned. God knows he did this to how many other sellers on fiverr! The likes of these should be banned from fiverr!


It looks like he has it uploaded to YouTube. A post on his Twitter account April 1st is promoting the video. I don’t know if it will help, but maybe tell CS he’s using it?

Just a FYI - the mods will probably be around shortly and remove the username you have in your post. They don’t allow that in the forum.


Reply to @integritymedia: I found the video on YouTube today and will let CS know about it. Thanks!


You’re welcome. I hope they’ll be able to help!

p.s. If it comes to it, you may want to contact YouTube about that video. He relinquished all rights to using it when he received a refund.