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Buyer stole me [ANSWERED]


i buy gig from fiverr but the buyer didnt do the gig
and didnt went give me my money
he is scam me


I think you mean the seller didn’t do the gig, not the buyer.

Seller is the one who sells you the gig.
Buyer is the one who buys the gig, in this case you.

You can contact customer support and ask them to give your money back.


They do not have a phone number. Please do not make another post about it, thank you.


Arrrr matey listen to the lass…she is very wise.


report the seller and you will be refunded accordingly by the customer support


Yes, I agree you should inform customer support, they can help you sort this out.


As @misscrystal and others said, contact Customer Support. This cannot be resolved on the forum, but has been answered appropriately.