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Buyer Stole My Article - Content Writers: Be Warned


Your suggestions helped me get through this painful period. Customer Support finally answered and took care of the issue swiftly. I hope they find a way to take care of this loophole soon so that we content writers don’t have to waste our time chasing down buyers.

ORIGINAL RANT (truncated for better reading):

Obviously, many sellers here are already aware of the currently loophole present in Fiverr that allows buyers to request modification after modification, often with very vague instructions, only to end up with a free product at the end.

My buyer was continuously requesting modifications for a tech article that I had written. Most buyers only ask for one modification, which I’m always happy to do. (Note: I have a “1 modification allowed” policy in my description). However, this buyer was continuously asking for more and more content with very vague instructions as to what he was looking for. Eventually a 450 word article had become over 600 words long, with no end in sight!

The red flags were all over the place and I submitted a request to have the order cancelled, since the words “LATE” were written all over my screen in regards to this order. The next day the buyer had mutually agreed to cancel. However, today I noticed that he had published the article exactly as I had written it on his blog. So, he essentially came out with a FREE ARTICLE!

Fiverr must come out with a solution to nab toxic buyers like these who prey on our time, energy, and goodwill. The feeling of being harassed to do so many modifications in order to please the buyer for the sole reason of not being left a negative review is truly dreadful and highly discouraging.

Once the order has been cancelled, the buyer no longer owns the rights to the work. I believe this is in the TOS; however, you may want to put this somewhere in your gig description.

Your next step is to send a desist letter to both the buyer and the buyer’s web host, stating that the buyer is using copyrighted work.

I’m seeing this happening more and more. Sellers need to seriously stand up to this stuff. Once you’ve done one revision per your policy, you can and should REFUSE to do more modifications unless another gig is ordered. I had to deal with this a LOT with my former book trailer gig. Had plenty of people trying to milk it. (“Oh, I forgot to mention this in my original modification request.” Right, well, since it was not included, you must now order a new gig. No exceptions. Cut down on a LOT of crap.) I finally had to start watermarking everything and send a preview before the final video.

I don’t think there’s really a way to watermark writing, but you do have the original file (with the original creation date) on your computer, and as I mentioned before, the rights to the work belong to you once the order is cancelled.

So look around for a good template and send out a desist letter. That’ll at least get you started. And be tough in the future! :wink:

I agree with goodgift–your service is already so cheap, there’s no reason to do continual revisions. I don’t understand how anyone has patience for that.

If you cancel an order, you still own the writing, so create a blog on one of the free platforms, and post that content immediately. It will be easier to prove that they’ve stolen it, if you’ve already posted it online by the time they try to use it.

Hi All - I’ve seen this happen way too often. I am creating a website just for my fiverr gigs and will be sure to add a page for sellers. I’ll include a link to my Cease & Desist letter. Cheers and see you all in a couple of days!