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Buyer stole my work

Buyer FRAUD with me…
So what happened!
I got a text from Buyer on my fiverr Inbox… He need some help in his MATLAB Project coding… I told him that Let me do it first and when its completed I will share a results with you and if you were satisfied with those results you better to place an order… He said yeah ok… After everything is done and I showed him the results he was satisfied with it and placed an order… When I delivered the Code he started using fake excuses and irrelevant Questions!! He was trying to stole it but i didn’t let them do it by declined his Cancellation… Then we both requested to Customer support … I showed them all the evidence of our chat, but they decided to Cancel the order in Buyer Favor… Then they gave me a warning because the Buyer told them that I had a copy this code from internet without showing any proof… I discussed about this with Customer support but they never listened me…
Worst experience ever …

Never complete work without an active order.


Your first mistake: Doing ANY work without an Order placed first.

(I know, it’s already been posted…but it needs to be said again).


Sorry to hear that. As far as I know, you can bet that Fiverr will almost always side with buyers no matter the situation. If there is a way to do a sample/portion of work in your line of work, I would recommend that if you want to check with the buyer first before creating an order. Like for myself, I do voice over and sometimes buyers have requested a ‘sample’ before playing an order, but the sample is the entire script. I record about a quarter of the script and send that but never send them completed work without placing an order first. Better luck in the future! Most buyers I’ve worked with are decent, regular folks who want to pay you fairly for your work.

A quarter of a script is an incredibly generous “sample” on your part!

I’ve completely dropped the practice of sending samples and instead refer prospective buyers to the audio available on my gig pages. Of course, many of them drop the conversation when they know they cannot get a freebie from me, but in the end I think I just dodged a bullet from a potential nightmare client.

Even when I did provide free samples (when I was just starting out and overly eager for any work), I only did at most one or two lines.


I think that’s a good practice. I’ve also experienced buyers who just stop all communication after I make it clear that I won’t record the whole script as a ‘sample.’ And I agree with you-that’s definitely just dodging a bullet. Good luck! Hope you have a great new year :relaxed::green_heart:


Yeah I made my “samples” a slightly cheaper, shorter version of my regular gigs. I’ll send over something pre-written if they’re fine with that, but sending free tailored samples is just too much.

If you have a proper portfolio of your work you should never give samples, tests or anything like as even asking tells you that the buyer is incompetent (at best) or a thief (most likely). Either way not a good person to do business with.

I am sorry to say here that while the other person was disreputable/immoral, you gave your work away. build a proper portfolio showing your range and capabilities and that should be enough.


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Did you do his academic work for him? Sounds like you did.


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