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Buyer stopped communicating

I recently got an order and I am on the road to finishing it. The buyer communicated fine and provided necessary resources to finish 90% of the order. But then, they stopped communicating. What do I do? do I just click deliver now? I do not want to cancel it because I have worked a lot on it. Thanks in advance

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Messages are not working as they should, so maybe they are communicating but you don’t receive them
If it’s your due date, deliver it, just let them know you are waiting on their feedback.


Just deliver the order before it gets late you should not worry about that it is the buyers fault that he is not replying don’t make your order late and get yourself a bad impression of the other buyers. In short words DELIVER IT


But what if they give me a bad review?

Before Fiverr automatically marked your order as LATE deliver your work and ask him if he need any changes. Buyer will contact you when he will available then provide modification if he needs.
Thank you!

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If there are revisions on your Gig, seller can request for modifications. He will explain what’s wrong and then you can re-deliver your work again!

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If you think your work complete 100% so you can delivery this project.
Late delivery is very harmful for gig.
So you can do it.