Buyer strange review


I just completed an order in one of my gigs, this gig offers unlimited revisions, and it didn’t have any previous reviews, so this buyer wanted something which is supposed to be in a premium price, i decided to accept to do it for a basic gig price.
Anyway, i did the job, but the buyer even though he had unlimited revisions, decided to accept the work i had given him and left a good phrase for a review, the problem is that the stars he gave me do not reflect what he wrote, he gave me 2 stars out 5 for “service as described”, even though he said that he liked the work, i want to reach up to him and ask about it, but i’m afraid i’m going to get TOS’ed for it.
What do you guys think ?

Thank you,


its disappointing :pensive: dhaouadinoor


So sad @dhaouadinoor,:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Yea, but do you guys think i should contact him ?


You have 4 star review and this is not that bad. Once the buyer place review they cannot change it. If you insist it will harm for your account.


There is a strong chance to receive a ToS violation for even discussing reviews with your buyers so I’d just let it go.

Sometimes buyers click around too quickly or too carelessly and leave less stars than was intended by accident but again, it can’t be changed now and I wouldn’t risk mentioning it.


Yeah I wouldn’t do it, you already know it was a mistake and reviews can’t be changed, not worth taking the risk.


That sucks! Your fist mistake is offering unlimited revisions. You open yourself up to unreasonable demands, from buyers who will never be happy.Limit your revisions, to 1 or 2.

I’d leave it alone, and move on.


It’s too risky. Customer Support might think that you’re trying to manipulate your buyer into changing his review even if he’s the one who contacts them on their own, and even if you don’t ask for a rating change at all.

I know it’s frustrating, but right now, even if your only goal is to learn how to improve your service, you could get punished.


just leave it.i have an experience about it.i was received a Warning


yea, i guess i should forget about it …


Mistake #1

Mistake #2

What his review means is that even though you did the service you promised to do, he didn’t lie your work.

I’m not sure, that’s a good question for customer service. Just don’t use “bad words” like “review.” Instead, write something like, “Hi, I noticed you gave me 2.5 stars, I was wondering why?”

Personally, I would just move on.


I feel that’s walking the tightrope to ban city. Better to not mention it at all.

Even if that is ok, it is likely to lead to a discussion that will lead to a ban.


I don’t mind giving bonuses to get my first reviews, specially, when the gig i’m talking about didn’t receive any orders, i know it’s bad, but i have to do it.

Regarding his review :
why didn’t he request a revision ?
Saying “This is sooo awesome. I love it… can’t wait to share it with the sales team. Quick turn around and awesome experience. Love it!!”
doesn’t make any sense…

-I won’t contact CS, it’s better to just forget about it i guess.


I agree it’s frustrating. I hope that app bug isn’t back where the wrong star rating is recorded. Does anyone know if they are able to leave reviews on the app now?


Yes, you’re most likely correct.

I don’t think bonuses and discounts work, what works is seeing what you’re competitors are doing and then trying to be in the middle. So if some are charging $5 and others are charging $20, you might choose to charge $10.

Who knows? Maybe they didn’t expect your revision to be better than what you did before, they felt frustrated, they don’t have the time, they changed their minds, etc.

Reviews are baffling, today I got 4.7 and the guy wrote "he helped me a lot :slight_smile: "
He gave me 4 stars for Buy Again or Recommend, the other two were 5 stars.

It depends on their expectation. Sometimes people want more than what they pay for, they buy a Facebook ad and expect you to login to Facebook and do everything for them. I don’t do that, some of my competitors do that and I wish them well, but it’s just too much red tape for me. I want to have simple gigs with the least communication possible. That guy also wanted me to spend one hour of my time, explaining him how the Facebook ad platform works. I also don’t do that.

Either way, don’t feel bad about bad reviews, they’re going to happen.

Think about this, I have a gig with 54 ratings and 5 stars overall, and another gig with 1,542 ratings and 4.6 overall. Should I delete my 4.6 gig? That’s 50% of my monthly income. I can’t delete it, I can only focus on the positive and write a gig description without over promising.


Thank you for your feed back, much appreciated.