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Buyer sublet me a custom order after getting order form someone else on fiver

a Buyer contacted me in inbox, where he asked me for a redesigning on a logo. he was in try to get my personal contact for this project but i refused and said him to contact here. after 2 days he gave me a custom order of $10 along with requirements where he did not send me its source file ,when i asked him for source file he called me unprofessional but i talked to him in good way. after 1 day i sent him a redesigned logo as per given requirement as initial file for checking. he replied me that his client said to do some more detailing. on which i started detailing of logo, as i offered him an unlimited revisions. now he messaged me that there is no need of doing work as his client cancelled an order.
i was shocked that he took an order on higher rates from any other buyer and gave it to me on cheaper rates.and i was committed with my work due to which i was keep on revising design due to unlimited revisions but for unknown reasons he said me to stop working on it.
i need your help on this issue as i donot know what to do in this situation? if i cancelled my order it will directly effect on my ratings. kindly guide me on this issue. Thanks.


Refuse to cancel and report your buyer to CS. If your buyer has asked for a revision and you have provided this, it is likely that they are using the work which you delivered.

Tell your buyer that you are new to Fiverr, but not new to freelancing and never refund delivered orders. Then advise them that you have a 100% success rate when it comes to having work you have delivered removed from websites when orders are cancelled after delivery.

Most buyers like this get spooked and will accept orders. (They will worry that you will expose them as resellers to their clients.,) They may leave a horrid review. However, all you need to do if you are notified that your buyer has left a review is leave one stating something like:

"Please beware of the fact that this buyer attempted to extort work from me free of charge and break Fiverr TOS by asking me to communicate off Fiverr. I would strongly advise not working with them."


You should remove the name of the buyer from your post - it’s against TOS to negatively call out buyers or sellers on the forum.


removed the name. sorry for mistake.Thanks:)


anyone who asks for your personal info is not someone you should ever work with!!