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Buyer submit requirements saying "Will send later, thanks!"

A fun buyer story coming up, sit back and start readin’.

So about a week ago I had a buyer message me asking looking for a long term voiceover, they wanted to output 25 videos a month.
They wanted a consistent price no matter the word count, and they suggested 8$ - I said yes as long as it doesn’t go past 800 words. (Big mistake, and never again)

They then sent me a message asking for my email to add me to their “trello board” - I told them that I can’t do that, and they got all mad saying everyone else gave them their email.
I told them I don’t feel comfortable giving personal information, and then told them it was against ToS, they still were getting all mad, and so I just reported them for spam, this was after had sent a custom order, this will be important soon.

Fast forward to two days ago, I get a notification from them messaging me saying “Oh I’m so glad you’re back, I thought I’d never hear from you again” and then they ordered the custom order I had provided the other day.
Why they got unblocked is beyond me, maybe they messaged CS to get me to unblock them somehow.
What’s worse is that they submit requirements saying “Will send later, thanks!” which as we know starts the timer. I messaged them saying that I can’t do it without the scripts, (which I should mention was going to be a bulk order for three scripts) - They said “well my computer isn’t working well, just give me a while” and then they went offline. Last night with about a day and a half left on the timer they sent me 12 UNNAMED pictures.
She also said, “you don’t mind doing another script, right?” so it was 4 scripts, and pictures of those scripts, from an IPAD. (This was only 24$ BEFORE the 20%)

The worst part is that the pictures were cropped, so I couldn’t even see what half of it said, it even cut off entire sections.

By this point I already contacted CS to cancel the order because I knew this would be trouble. After trying to read through the pictures, I noticed one that was S*xual - I messaged them saying that I cannot read those kind of scripts, according to my gig description I won’t read those kind of scripts.

Again, them came online and then went offline, so I knew they were seeing the messages.

At this point I had had it, and typed up a huge message explaining why I wanted to cancel, and sent the following message: "There are no requirements, even with you sending the pictures, you started the order without any requirements, which starts a countdown, and then didn’t get the half-readable pictures until 3:00 am, I understand there is a time difference, but you should not have submitted requirements with just “will send later”. I can’t complete the order with just pictures. Even with the pictures, the pictures are cut of and I can’t even read some of the script due to it being cropped, one of the scripts is about Nude beaches, and it says in my description that I won’t read vulgar scripts. I totally understand that you were having issues with your computer, however I think it would be better for us to discontinue this project. I hope you understand, and I really hope that you can find a better voiceover artist in the future. PS. agreeing to cancel the order will return your entire order price, you will lose nothing from doing so.

This person came online, and then left again, I’ve had it, and just want it to end, I’m so close to level two seller and I don’t want this person to just sully my reputation with a review, I have completed enough orders that 1 cancellation won’t do much.

This is the most irritating experience I have had for a couple months.

Edit: Buyer just agreed to cancel, thank goodness - However when I try to block her it gets blocked by “please contact customer support” which makes me believe she had support keep me from doing so, great.

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That is an unpleasant experience.

For the future:

Big red flag. Never do more than one small order as the first order so you can see how things go.

Not up to them to set price - you set the price.

Direct TOS violation - you need to say that clearly … and then block them!

Custom orders can be withdrawn - this one should have been.

Blocking doesn’t mean they can’t order from you. Other sellers have mentioned this bug and it’s very frustrating.


:anguished: you’re not a newbie anymore and you’re GOOD! Why why whyy. Please don’t undervalue yourself like that…


The only reason I did so was because I’m upgrading equipment, and just wanted to start paying it back, since 800$ is not that little, but yeah, I know for next time!

The entitlement! That doesn’t even make sense. You aren’t their employee or their project manager. It’s just a power trip.

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Yeah, I’m so glad I suggested to cancel when I did, after cancelling they acted hurt, as if the fact that I didn’t want to voiceover NUDE BEACHES was rude. She even admitted to not reading my gig description, which tells her that I DON’T DO THAT!

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Oh wow so entitled. Good for you.

It hurt their ego that you don’t let them walk all over you as other freelancers have.

It’s definitely an ego thing. You’re supposed to feel honoured they bestowed work upon you. Ugh.

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No, no, don’t ever do that! If a similar situation comes up again (fingers crossed that not too soon!), write “I’m sure you can find someone else to work with” or something like that, you didn’t want to cancel because you aren’t a good enough VO artist.

If something unexpected comes up after you sent a custom offer and before a customer accepts it, consider hitting that “Withdraw Custom Offer” button. If you can work it out with a customer, you can always resend the offer.

In a situation where a customer presses you to give them your email/to do anything that’s against the ToS, I’d also feel free to bother customer support with cancelling for you instead of sending a cancellation request yourself (for a better chance of the cancellation not affecting your order completion rate).

Probably. I’m pretty sure Fiverr doesn’t want sellers to block buyers they have open/just recently closed orders with, which - generally, not in all situations - makes sense.

Apart from that, enjoy that cancellation/peace of mind of being rid of this situation. I’m sure you’ll get your level 2 soon enough in any case.


Hi there. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m also a voice over artist and I received a very similar proposal. I asked them to provide me very clear information and examples about how things were supposed to be done so I can send them a counter offer, as the amount that they were offering was totally out of question. They never accepted to discuss any details, so I said that I was not interested.

This may sound odd, but my best advice for you is to listen to your instinct. Most part of the times it is right and can help you to avoid unpleasand situations. For large projects, usually the client contact you first to check availability. If a potential client is not able to discuss with you all the informations regarding his project or ignore your questions and start demanding things that is a huge sign to me that the things will not work well.


This is excellent advice, @filomena_silva! I am also doing the “instinct” thing these days - One can usually feel that something is off and that the buyer is not honest with you. It is wayyyy better NOT even to go there.


Thank you so much. Totally true. Most of the times I can realise why I’m feeling unconfortable and why I feel that something is off a few messages after, as this type of clients reveal themselfs very quickly. Run away also from clients discussing prices with you and acting like they are giving you the opportunity of your life and promissing lots of work just to have a huge discount at their first small order. Latelly people started also to use the argument that regarding the crisis it’s better to earn some money instead of having no income while demanding you to accept their conditions.

I think the TOS should have a statement:

“Buyers must submit all requirements as specified on the order page within 1 hour.”

There should be a timer on the buyers side just like on the seller’s side. At end of that hour, the order is automatically cancelled without penalty.

I’m sure some savvy tech can come up with logistics behind how to handle it.