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Buyer Submits New Product Info and Asks for a 'Revision'

Hey folks,

I did a product listing for a buyer based on an Amazon ASIN they provided. That was 27 days ago. The buyer marked the order complete and gave me a 5-star review.

Today, they wrote me to say “that the point was not well understood” in my product listing and they need a revision. The buyer then proceeds to submit a different product for this “revision.” It’s clear that they are trying to pull a fast one here.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them? It’s a first for me.

It’s never happened to me, though I’m sure it will one day. I’d block them if I were you.

If the order has been marked as complete, you do not have to give them more work.


I would just send them a custom offer for the new work.


I told them as nicely as possible that their request does not qualify as a revision because this product is different to the one they submitted in their order last month.

They haven’t responded as yet. So, I guess we’ll see.

I guess I should have also pointed out that there is a time limit for revisions?

Any update on this buyer?

It won’t help if the case goes to Customer Support. If the buyer haven’t used the 1 revision you provide already, he can go to CS and complain that you refuse to provide the revision. They’ve been known to side with the buyers in such cases.

If the buyer insists on getting a new product listing, I suggest that you list exactly what the buyer provided when they placed the order, and exactly what you delivered, in order to prove that you have delivered as advertised. Once you do that, I also suggest making a screenshot of that part of the conversation, so that you can show it to CS if the case goes to them.


I thought once it was marked as complete and especially if there was a 5 star review, the window for a revision was closed? A revision shouldn’t have an unlimited time frame.

I think good screen shots of the 5 star review should be sent to customer support, along with proof they are asking for a new product to be reviewed as a revision.

I would then send a custom offer to the buyer. It’s a shame it takes so much time just to head off a try for free work.


That’s great idea.

That’s what I thought, too, but CS was known to side with the buyer who complained, especially if the seller offers unlimited revisions, never mind the fact that the order was completed and rated months ago. OP doesn’t, offers 1 revision only, but if the buyer haven’t spent it yet, it’s hard to tell what CS would decide if the buyer complains.


Hey Folks,

When I responded to the buyer, I had copied and pasted the exact information they gave me for their product, including the ASIN number.

They responded yesterday and admitted they gave me the wrong information in error. They asked if I could write a new listing for them using the right product specs for $15 instead of my usual $30 price. (It’s the same type of product, just different specs) They also requested if I would throw in some extra keywords for the $15. :smirk::face_with_monocle::anguished:

Thanks for the tip about the screen grabs! Will definitely do that!

It definitely does take up a lot of one’s time trying to deal with attempts to get free work. And then we have to worry about the buyer lodging an unfair complaint to CS.

But great idea about the screen grab of the five-star review. Thanks for that tip!