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Buyer submitted the file but not under the order requirements


Buyer messaged me the order requirements but has not included under the order requirements of the order he accepted. Actually the order is the second order of the same buyer. As he was satisfied with my previous order he sent me the requirement as a massage and THEN accepted the order.So Fiverr says the order is not COMPLETED . I asked him several times to submit the requirements. I NUDGED him also. He didn’t know how to do that and I instructed him to do that.And also now he is not coming online.:confused: . What can I do now? I have 100% completed his order now. I am really new to the Fiverr and as far as I know cancellation of an order could affect very badly to a newbie. I noticed that Fiverr doesn’t support me to have any new orders. :smirk: I waited almost 5 days. I would be really helpful If someone can help me in this matter.


When the buyer submitted the information in the inbox, where did you deliver? Under the delivery button or in the inbox conversation? In order for the order to be counted as delivered you need to actually click on deliver, then submit the final output. If you simply upload the files on the conversation it will not be counted as a delivery.


@phantompower actually There is no way I can deliver the order as the order is in “INCOMPLETE” state. That indicates the order requirements have not been submitted by the buyer. But the order requirements was submitted as a message to me. That is the case here. I can’t find a way to submit the order. Do you have any suggestions?


The buyer need to submit the requirements anyway.

Now you should wait for the buyer to come online and submit it. There is nothing else you could do. P.s. Don’t deliver the work to the buyer through the inbox.


The only thing left is to keep on clicking the nudge button until the buyer submits the requirements in the order page.


What will happen if I cancel already accepted offer by the buyer? His last seen says he was here before 3 days. And the worse case is fiverr is not promoting my gig in the search results. So I’m not getting any new orders now !!!


No need to cancel the order. I had such an order for like 2 months and after that the buyer submitted the requirements and I did the work and delivered. Btw, this is in no way related to your gig ranking on Fiverr search results.


Thank you taverr.:relaxed:


Taverr said it all, it will never affect your account in anyway, because is not yet on queue.
So relax till he gets back continuing using buyers request and upsell your service.

WELCOME TO FIVERR :slight_smile: