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Buyer suddenly canceled my orders even though it was an orders 2 months ago

Today I’m really unhappy. One of my buyer suddenly cancelled all orders ( orders 2 months ago ). She gave me 5 stars and good comments on the orders I delivered. And of course she has downloaded the files. I tried to contact the buyer, but I can’t to type to her. Her page was disappear.
I’m so suprised because it is my first experience.
As a seller, really need seller protect not only buyer. Please Fiverr keep us both from cheating each other.
Now she has got my drawings for free… I worked hard from morning to morning. She asked me to revison and revision, and I did it because I want give my best. I even gave a bonus because she had bought in large quantities.
Now I have to work to cover the minus in my balance. Where is that which I should not do, because that is not my fault.


Guessing from that you cant contact her anymore means she has been banned which means it was a Paypal charge back . Yeah this chargeback is really a sad thing . The only thing you can do is contact customer support tell them nicely all this and if they are kind enough they will reimburse you (not 100% but there are chances) . And yeah this is a loop hole where people can just scam you (literally rob you ) .

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I’m sorry to hear that. That’s not fair at all.

Where is she using your drawings? Did she post them on another site? Can you report her?

Yeah, I have contact the customer support. I hope they can help. I tries to contact the buyer, asked her “WHY” … And several times my messages made it in. But no response … And I can’t contact her again…

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I don’t know where she will use it and post it, and I have no any contact of her … She was really kind and nice, she even gave me tip. And I don’t believe it happen …

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Ah, I see. Maybe if you do a reverse Google search for the photos they might come up if you’re lucky?

Okay… I will try… Thank you so much … :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I will… Thank you :slight_smile:

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