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Buyer Suggested Gigs / Needs Questionnaire


To give a better user experience to buyers and to increase sales, I think it would be good if buyers could specify on their profile or by doing some kind of short questionnaire what kind of services they are after. - whether it’s SEO, online advertising, writing or just gifts.

That way the Fiverr will be able to suggest targeted gigs to the buyers (either on the site itself or via email) and sellers will be able to understand what the buyers are after and adapt their offerings to the customers!

What do you think Fiverr community? Seems like a win-win feature and makes business sense

arnevb said: I bought all kinds of gigs here on fiverr already... Going from voiceovers to traffic to gifts or videos and even just some for fun.

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can buy everything, so why should buyers limit themselves to just one category? O.o

They don't limit themselves to just one category, they can specify the categories they are interested in for targeted Gigs



Reply to @jake2828: I don’t think that would be very effective. There are so many types of gigs on Fiverr, even within each category. If you’ve ever used Netflix they have a similar sort of rating/questionnaire to what you are talking about, and it’s almost never-ending. I don’t think that’s what Fiverr needs. Buyers are buying all types of gigs, not just one category, so recommendations would be changing all of the time and I think they would just clutter the experience, unless they were done right in a really unique way.

I think collections partially does what you are thinking about. If a buyer is interested in a certain gig, there are tons of collections he/she can view that show similar gigs that they may be interested in that are from a very specific and targeted topic.