Buyer takes Delievery and does'nt completes order


Hello everyone. I want to know what if you(seller ) completes an assignment order, Buyer takes the delievery and does’nt completes the order (in other words he cheated) . What a seller can do on this matter except regret? Thanks in advance.


Orders autocomplete in three days. If you have delivered the order, then you are done with that project. Move on to the next order. It is unlikely that the buyer has done anything wrong, just because he/she hasn’t responded the way you want him/her to respond.

Be patient. If the buyer does not “completes the order”, the order will autocomplete in three days.


No, he didn’t cheat.


what if the order deliervery dont fulfil his(buyer) requirements completely and the time lapsed? would it be counted completed? :confused:


Order gets auto complete in 3 days… Term “Cheating” is too harsh for it, Isn’t it? I believe your buyer is asking too many revisions/modifications, even then he is not cheating… If order is not fulfilling his requirements he has full right to ask for modifications till he gets what he paid for.


Then the order is complete, and you have nothing more that you can do. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ask for revisions (if you offer them). If they don’t do that, then the order is complete. What exactly are you waiting for or expecting from your buyer?


Only if the seller actually offers unlimited revisions. :wink:


Usually new sellers make mistake and offer unlimited revisions, so I guess OP does offer unlimited… Also I can guess that buyer isn’t satisfied yet… Word “cheating” is used after getting offended by repeated revisions…


Thanks Zubair …