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Buyer taking advantage of me

Here is what happened with me. I am a seller, selling this youtube [link removed] bell subscribe intro animation .

So a client order that gig from me and submitted requirement. Than i made as per his requirement after couple of revision that video become perfect for that client and client download that video after i delivered it to him. Than now he want to cancel the order because he didn’t like it. So i checked back his youtube account and he is using my bell icon intro in his latest video on youtube. So basically he is scamming me. Here is the proof [link removed]

What should i do now???

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Contact CS (open a ticket).
Be sure to document carefully the way you have delivered the intro, and how the buyer is using it.

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from were i can open a ticket?

You can use:


thankyou very much pacquo

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You can also click on the button called “Visit the Resolution Center”, that is placed in the upper right corner of the order page. Through that you will open a ticket already referred to that specific order.

Also provide all the evidence to CS including the you tube link.

Very bad buyer :expressionless:
My God help you

you should contact direct customer support and send me to also youtube link, I am sure fiverr will do something for this because its full on violations, don’t waste you time just contact fiverr support cause if client give you bad review its bad for you also if client will cancel this project that’s also bad for you cause it will be effect to your rating also you will waste your efforts and also money :frowning: