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Buyer tells me to send him back the delivery sheet for checking when completed

I’m a new seller. Recently I got an order, but the buyer tells me to send him back the delivery sheet for checking when completed.

  • Buyers do not message me before order. After the order, he goes offline. I messaged him but still now no response, and the delivery time is close now.

What should I do now?
Help me, please.


Deliver timely. It’s your duty.

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Have you got the order instructions detail?
If so…, then you should deliver the order based on your gig description and project information.
Don’t forget to tell your buyer that you tried to contact him/her about the project but no response.
and said that you will do the revisions needed.

Hope it can help.

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi

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Thanks a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, he tells me details. But he tells me to sent him the final work before delivered. That’s why I am confused about that.

This sounds dodgy.

If you send him final work outside of the official Delivery process (like in Chat), he then says that you didn’t deliver and cancels the contract while still having the finished work in his hand (and you with nothing but a pork sausage in yours). Nuh, uh.

Finish and Deliver the work as per spec and let him respond to that with either a Revision request (which you can do or no depending on your offer) or Approval.



May i know what project you have with this buyer?
Is this design stuff?

Unless you have good relationship with your buyer, never send buyer the final artwork first.
They can have your work for free, and disappear.


Great, Really :grinning: helpful. Thanks a lot.

Great, You really helpful :grinning: helpful. Thanks a lot.

buyer accept the delivery.

That’s not how Fiverr is meant to work.


Deliver the work before the delivery deadline no matter what the buyer says or does.

It is your responsibility to get the work delivered on time. Sometimes you need to ignore the buyer if they are not being reasonable, as in this case.

You are always the one in control, not the buyer. It is YOUR business on the line that matters. Do not let buyers tell you what to do. Do what you need to do to get the job done on time.

Always remember this: YOU ARE THE BOSS. It is YOUR BUSINESS. You are the business owner, you are the boss, you decide what happens.

As long as you do what your gig description says, and what you told the buyer you would do before the order was placed, then you have done your job.

Always deliver the order on time no matter what the buyer says.


If Buyer won’t Accept within 3 days then the Order Automatically delivered. :grinning:


just complete the work and deliver in time, if needs modification he/she will ask for it.

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The buyer orders, pays, and then you deliver. That is how Fiverr works.

If you bypass this you will have worked for free.


Thanks a lot. :grinning:

Thanks a lot. :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, Done. :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Right, say, thanks. :grinning:

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