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Buyer threat for order

I am new on fiverr. Actually not new. I have done 5 order. And thanks for that fiverr. I have face some problems with buyer. Buyers order to me a small work like changing header, footer, or a small website for 10$ or 15$. But when i accepts buyer order and submit buyer order (which buyer wanted from me), Then buyer say that you need to work more. That’s means buyer demand more than work which buyer wanted me. If Tell that this is the big order work, but you order to me a small work. Then Buyer threat me that if i don’t his work, then buyer report to fiverr about my account or gig.
Buyer paid me 10$, But buyer demand a big work like 200$.
If i not agree, they report to the fiverr
So, In this situation What should i do?


Try cancelling the order and report it to CS.
I know in your position a one star review will be very bad, you risk also not to be able to look for Buyers Requests. When a client gets heavy, it’s always better to cancel the order.
When you’re new, sometimes clients expect from you to do a lot. It is better to loose some time instead of getting a bad review too soon, but never go too low. When problems arise, contact always the CS.


Make screenshots of the threats, and send them to Customer Support.



Really good points, for one the loss of $15 compared to the potential loss based on a bad review, even a false one; isn’t worth the effort. One day I would like to see a dual-rating system, where the buyer can rate the seller on relevant aspects (within reason) so the scammer or cheapskate (read: undesirable) buyers can be accounted for in the same way as undesirable sellers.

I may be mistaken but I think it would only serve to benefit the fiverr community as a whole.


Thanks, But If I cancel this order,then it also rating fiverr me as less complete order.


It may have a small effect but you don’t want to risk a bad review being displayed.

Make sure you attached a screen capture off your conversation with this buyer when reporting to CS.

I hate hearing about unscrupulous buyers that pull these awful stunts. I wonder how those people sleep at night.

Wish you best.


Lmao just cancel the order. It’s your business, you decide on your own prices. They can’t report you because of what you charge smh


The buyer is being a cheapskate and trying to take advantage of you. Never, ever do work for free… If the buyer wants the extra work done, then he/she should PAY. The buyer threatening you is the ammo you’ll need to present your case. I hope C.S get it sorted for you!


If i cancel the order then it’s also the negative rating for my account.


I already submit a request to CS. but the they does not response my request


Give them time to respond, sometimes it takes 24-48hours.
Keep us updated!


Thanks. Fiverrr team response my request. But don’t understand what they say.

**Thank you for contacting us. **

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues. As long as you have fully delivered your order on time and as per your gig description, you are in no way required to cancel the order. In the event the buyer reaches out to us about this, Customer Support will not cancel any orders based on buyer request alone. The order and situation will first be thoroughly reviewed before any actions are taken from our end.

However, keep in mind we also cannot force a buyer to accept a delivery. So, the best course of action is to continue communicating with your buyers.

I recommend that in such cases, you create a detailed list showing the buyer how you have completed the order in accordance with what you offer in your Gig.

**We are here if you need any further assistance. **

Kind Regards,


I personally would change the gig description. Maybe the customers don’t understand what’s included in the different packages.

Tell them also in the gig description that they should contact you first before they buy. So you can discuss all the details and make them a custom offer.

Hope this helps and all the best! :slight_smile:


They tell you you don’t have to cancel, but that they on the other side can’t force the buyer to accept your delivery, and ask you to try to work it out by communicating with the buyer,
showing /explaining to them how you did deliver what your gig said you would deliver and that if they want more work done, they will have to pay for that more of work.

They also say they will not simply cancel the order if your buyer would ask for it, but will look into the issue first.

You can try re-delivering with such an explanation, and hope they’ll get it, but of course they could reject again and keep playing that game.

Maybe, if you did your best with explaining politely and they still won’t accept neither your re-delivery nor will pay for the additional work they demand, you could let CS know again.

Personally, yeah, it’s bad for us all if we/many of us cancel in such cases, when we know we did and delivered everything that was paid for, as it encourages that kind of buyers to keep doing this.
But if you won’t be able to reply to Buyer Requests anymore because of a possible bad rating, I agree with others that it’s better to cancel.

But all and any kinds of threats I’d absolutely screenshot and send to CS. We can at least hope that they might collect evidence against buyers as well as secret ratings against sellers, and maybe when they have done the same to enough people who reported it, will react.


Thanks #metshot1 but this order is not about a gig. This is the custome offer.

How to add screenshots. I have same issue with a buyer he wants me to do more work which was not agreed about in the order or he will cancel the order. I reported to fiverr help, adding a ticket but there is no where I can add screenshots.

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I’m not sure. The ticket system changed recently, and my post you’re referring to was written about a year ago.

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You can click on add file then attach your screenshot. Although I think this option appears only after the ticket is already made (not when you’re still making the ticket as I assume it’s only textboxes and dropdown boxes appearing) but nevertheless it does help with attaching any related files such as screenshots or work done. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Well thank you so much. It really was a help. Submitted the screenshots and now hoping for the best.

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