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Buyer threat me to report as i am rude to him,

hi i am level 2 seller on fiverr also i am TOP buyer on fiverr. i do not know am i right or wrong, but my buyer place me order, after 18 days he requested me for revisions free of cost, and said he has many people if i dnt want to do i can excuse. i said no i can do that free of cost do not worry, then he repeat this he have many sellers he can take work from them if i dnt want to do, i provide him revisions and still, he said if my energy is not same he can order someone else, i said why are you repeating this, again and again, its insulting me, if you have many people you can go there, then still i provide revisions and said look i am doing work for you without any cost, why you said this, and politely said please check your video i have sent you after revisions, then he said i will report you, your behavior is insane, you will be getting out of here, lol, these words he used, he is the same person who gives me 5 stars 18 days before, you said me insane, he said horrible services but I did not use this type of any word, still I am really worried if he reports me what happend, by the way, i am also a buyer and top rated buyer, I am really worried, please give me a suggestion, i have block him and report him at that time becuase i was insulted he said insane behaviour,

There is a flag next to his name.

I strongly advise to use it.

Don’t waste time on him or this.


is there any warning or problem for my account? i am very worried

If you didn’t insult the guy, there’s no need to worry. He’s the one who is out of line. Report him if you will, but please be sure to block him.


Best of luck i wish for you that you became a top-rated seller `

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The first Red Flag Warning (meaning you’re instinct tells you there is something not right) was when he threatened you the first time.

This is not a platform where that is successful.

Also, even if he was ok the first time that was just the Honeymoon Period (meaning it’s great in the beginning until you don’t play by there weird rules then you see the awful person they really are) because no professional should ever threaten you. EVER!

You have the complete power to “block” that buyer. Do that with the first red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:

Listen to your intuition. You were more than flexible and helpful. Blocking should be used sparingly but when you do it you are the professional.


Your Buyer needs to PAY for additional services. Simple concept!

DO NOT tolerate this kind of behavior. Report and BLOCK him!
He’s trying to take advantage of you. Never do extra work for FREE. Time is money and :moneybag: money is time.

DO NOT allow Buyers to walk all over you like a shag carpet.

You did nothing wrong?! Bad behavior should never be rewarded like NEVER. 5r can read the messages between the two of you. Remember you deserve R.E.S.P.E.C.T and nothing less. :pineapple:


It’s sounds like he’s seeking retribution for not getting what he wanted. He probably wanted you to bow and scrape and got mad when you didn’t.


Thank you so much, although i did not get any warning from Fiverr, Thank God, thank you so much all of you,