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Buyer threaten me to do more work. Do cancellation. Gigs are disappeared from search results

3 days ago one buyer ordered my article writing gig. First he requested to write 500 words article. After delivery he asked for a revision and asked to write 700 article. I accepted it and then wrote 700 words article. After next delivery he asked to write deeper article. (Few years ago he worked as seller and got too many negative feedbacks.) As I am sitting here editing this thing I am getting more frustrated. This is crazy. So I send him a mutual cancellation request & he accepted it. (He already got what he wanted.) :persevere::persevere: Now I’m really disappointed about this type of buyers and I deleted my article writing gig. :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::disappointed_relieved::sob::sob::sob: My gigs were appeared in first page of search results, but now they are disappeared.

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Did he PAY you for the extra work? If not, why are you working for free?


You have to be strict. I had a buyer who ordered one of my gigs. The gig is set that each reversion will cost you extra. The buyer ordered and after every delivery he would pay for the reversion and give me new instructions. Say he wants a house with one toilet, after delivery he pays for reversions and asks for 2 toilets. After the 3rd reversion I realized he was working the system so I told him that he would need to purchase a new gig because he was straying from his original requirements. At the end he left me a neutral review but I got to keep all the funds he had paid. I didn’t even bother to write a review to state what I thought of how we worked together. In the end I realized that I would rather get a negative review rather than giving away my work for free


No. He didn’t pay and threaten me to do more.

He paid $5 for that article. I don’t want to risk my whole freelancing career for $5.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::sob::sob::sob::disappointed_relieved::tired_face::persevere:

Next time use your upselling skills; if buyers want extra words. What do they need to do? Yup! You guessed it, they need to PAY. :money_mouth_face:

Also, you should send screenshots to CS to report his bad behavior.


All of this would be great advice if Fiverr CS would actually help sellers out when they start getting exploited, blackmailed, or have buyers leave evil reviews because they wouldn’t be pushed into doing extra work FOC.

You can only upsell and negotiate payment for extra work with buyers who are not serial narcissists or general moral degenerates. Sadly, these people get a free pass no matter what they do or ask for and they’re increasingly aware of this fact.

All sellers can do is increase their prices from $5 to get rid of most of such miscreants, before implementing clinical vetting of buyers and canceling orders in advance of nightmare scenarios unfolding.